Sunday, April 28, 2019

The YC Dives into the Ocean! - Teacher Sheri

Yo-ho yo-ho, it's a pirate's life for us! We had so much fun this week with our Ocean theme. There were pirates in the texture table, sea animals in the water, and a pirate flag hanging from our loft!

This class spends a lot of time playing at the texture table and exploring the water tubs. They found pirates, a pirate ship, and sea animals in with the black beans.

And there were shells, big sea animals, and gems in the water.

Kinetic sand and acrylic ocean shapes were at the light table.

At the building table, the kids could make very unique creations with our sea creature building set!

The first art activity we did this week was a two step process. The first day, the children painted a wash of watercolor on paper to create the ocean color.

On the next school day they added shells, sand, crepe paper seaweed, and fish stickers to create beautiful underwater scenes. 

They are hanging up in the hallway and look awesome!

At our other activity table, the kids played a 'What's Missing?' game. After identifying a variety of objects, our parent helper took one away and they had to guess which item was missing. The kids enjoy playing this game and they are strengthening their memory muscles at the same time.

The kids stayed busy with play dough...

creation and writing stations...

individual play...

and collaborative play...

At carpet time, each child got a colored paper jellybean and they placed their jellybean in the basket when we sang about their color!

We learned a pirate song and the Baby Shark song. We also danced to The Goldfish Song during music time.

In addition to reading ocean themed books, we also read books about eggs and chicks as we anxiously await the arrival of our chicks.

Also as you may have noticed, we have some other life growing in the classroom. Our caterpillar larvae is growing bigger by the day and soon we will get to see the cocoons form. Once our Painted Lady butterflies emerge, we will place them in a butterfly tent where the kids will have a chance to sit with the butterflies. This time of year is so exciting!

We have had a lot of fun seeing the kids' baby pictures when they turn in their completed houses. They are so cute! The kids began sharing their houses this week and are doing a great job.

Sharing the houses gives each child an opportunity to stand in front of his/her peers and speak and the rest of the class gets to practice listening to their friends.

Next week, we are SO excited for our chicks to hatch and have our fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well. If so, the kids will get to hold some fuzzy little baby chicks on Thursday!

All the best and see you soon! 

Sheri and Lisa