Sunday, September 29, 2019

Circus Fun in the OC! - Teacher Sheri

Our Ice Cream Social is just around the corner and we had so much fun preparing for it with a Circus themed week!

We pretended to be performers in the Big Top with some activities on the carpet. The kids jumped through a hula hoop, bounced on the hippity-hop, crawled through a tunnel, and walked on stilts!

Over at the activity tables, the kids played a game called Glee Ring Circus and another one using keys to open locks on little cages. They loved these activities and practiced skills like patterning and number matching.

Everyone was invited to blow colored bubbles in a cup and let them pop on paper, making a beautiful design. Yes, please!

The kids created more artwork, such as paper plate collage clown faces and black line self portraits.

At carpet time, we read Caps for Sale and then acted it out. It was fantastic! 

The kids continued sharing their Summer Memory Journals and are doing an amazing job speaking in front of their classmates!

We continue to see awesome collaborative play and lots of growth in this sweet class.

Next week, we can't wait to paint like elephants, make shaving cream ice cream cones, and even make our own real ice cream!

Until then, take care.
Sheri and Lisa 

The Circus is in Town! YC - Teacher Lisa

In anticipation of our upcoming Ice Cream Social and BJ the Clown, we had all kinds of circus fun this week! 

On Tuesday we painted with balloons and played with a circus train.

Thursday we put googly eyes, pom-pom noses and rubber band mouths into baggies filled with clear gel to create squishy, squashy clown faces. Moving these pieces around inside the bags was excellent fine-motor work!

Our gross-motor skills came into play at the circus obstacle course. There were stilts, a tunnel, a scooter, a hippity-hop, a hula hoop, and some bright rainbow wigs for any interested acrobats.

There was "popcorn" at the texture table and "ice cream" in the water tub. (For anyone interested in making this at home, it's flour mixed with baby oil. We threw in some sprinkles for a little added fun!)

There were clown connectors at the building table and brightly colored discs and clowns for stacking and sorting at the light table.

We sang songs about jumping clowns and icky, sticky bubble gum. Our stories included, Goodnight Gorilla (which we read in the dark) and Should I Share My Ice Cream?
We had a parade with our musical instruments and learned some new breathing techniques: Slinky Breaths and Gorilla Breaths. See if your child can demonstrate them for you!

Your kids are having so much fun exploring the classroom and getting used to the routines at school! And we are loving every moment with this sweet class 💗.

We have one more week of fun with our circus theme and can't wait to see you all Thursday evening for our Ice Cream Social!

Until then,
Lisa and Sheri