Sunday, November 24, 2019

Feeling "Souper" Thankful for our OC! Teacher Lisa

We had a "souper" week together cooking, making egg carton owls, painting hand print turkeys, and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

In preparation of Friday's Stone Soup cooking project, we had fresh veggies in the tub on Monday and Wednesday, along with cutting boards, kid knives, pots, pans and dishes. 

Our vegetable chopping moved from the tub to the table as everyone took a turn cutting carrots, green beans, celery and/or potatoes, putting them in the pot and giving them a stir. 

Everyone was invited to try our delicious Stone Soup (named after a story we read - and yes, there really was a stone in it) at snack time.

Here's what else was "cooking" around our room this week...

We played a game that went with the book, Livingstone Mouse. It was a parent-led activity one day, and then was out for the kids to play some more if they wanted to.

We painted egg cartons and then added feathers, lids (eyes) and pipe cleaner talons to make owls. They turned out so well!


On Wednesday everyone got their hand painted and made a turkey hand print.

On Friday they used markers to add faces, legs and other details. Then they dictated something they are thankful for and placed this page in their notebooks.

For part of the week there were sensory bags filled with gel and fall items on our light table. Those were replaced later by pipe cleaner trees, beads and leaves.


We see so much creativity at our writing table, play dough table and creation station!


The fall-themed manipulatives in the texture table and building area have been fun for the kids to play with.


Scarlet and Ginger got cuddles and treats. They are such sweet classroom friends.

During our story time we sang about Alligator Pie (see if your child can teach it to you) and moved to a song called, "Tick, Tock, Yoga Clock". We've also been learning about alphabet letters and the sounds they make.

For our Friday Friendship Circle, we passed the stone from our soup around and took turns telling about something we like to eat. 

Tag, sidewalk chalk, the wheelbarrow and hide and seek are some of the activities the children have been enjoying outside.

We have a few more fall activities on tap for next week. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and want you to know that we are so very thankful for you and your children :)

Lisa and Sheri 

We are thankful in the OC! - Teacher Christine

It's turkey time in the OC! We had so much fun with your children making fall themed art, telling the story of stone soup, and hearing all about what your children are thankful for.

On Monday they made adorable owls using egg cartons, colorful feathers, and googly eyes. These are in our display case outside of the classroom. Take a peek!

We played a collaborative game called Sneaky Snacky Squirrel on Monday. Games are a great way to practice turn taking, collaboration, color identification, and counting!

On Wednesday and Friday, each child made a hand print turkey for their thankful page. They were so patient as our parent helper painted their hand. On Friday, they added turkey features and we wrote down what they are thankful for.

On Wednesday, the children used a turkey with a magnetic beak to pick up letters for"alphabet soup". Before putting the letter in the pot, they identified the letter, the sound, and thought up some words that might start with the letter!

We acted out the story of Stone Soup on Wednesday at circle time with each child getting to put something in our soup pot. On Friday the children worked hard to cut up vegetables to make real stone soup! We enjoyed the soup together at snack time. :)

The children practiced scrubbing and cutting up real veggies in the water tub.

Here's a look at your children playing around the room!

They are so busy at our creation and writing stations. It's pretty exciting to see the books, cards, and art that they are making. 

Circle time was a lot of fun this week. We sang songs about turkeys, owls, and squirrels as well as one of our favorites - "Shake That Sticky Stuff Off". We read Livingston Mouse, Those Darn Squirrels, and a fun story about a mouse and an apple.

We celebrated a special birthday, too!

We also did the bean bag dance. :)

Recess is a great way to get our wiggles out. These sweet kiddos love to run, run, run! 

We are so thankful for all of you! We truly appreciate your wonderful children and all of the time that you spend with us at school.

Christine and Meghan