Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dinosaurs invade winter in the YC! -Teacher Meghan

This week we had so much fun making bird feeders from pine cones, playing snowmen counting games and making icicles out of aluminum foil and glitter! The kids were so excited to discover DINOSAURS had invaded many areas of the classroom. Many the students in the class love dinosaurs and we enjoyed hearing all of their knowledge and expertise during the week.

On Tuesday the kids made bird feeders. They used a pine cone as the base of their feeder. They smeared this in Crisco and then covered the Crisco in bird seed. The kids were so excited to take these home to feed the birds.

Our second parent led activity on Tuesday was a snowman counting game. The kids selected a colorful hat from the bin and depending on the number on the hat they would then put the corresponding number of buttons on the snowman's belly. This was a fun way to practice number recognition and one to one correspondence.

On Thursday the kids made icicles by crinkling up aluminum foil, painting the foil with glue and then dipping the foil in shimmery glitter. The kids had a great time making these and many came back for a second time.

On Thursday the kids played another snowman game. They would roll a die and depending on which number they rolled they would put an attribute like a scarf or hat on their snowman.

We had giant dinosaurs in our texture table this week.

In our water tub we had small dinosaurs and film canisters.  Who knew this combination could be so much fun?

At our fine motor table this week we had cool colored beads and pipe cleaners to make snow flakes.

There were more dinosaurs on the flannel board!

On the light table we had mirrors, translucent snowflakes and gems.

At the building table we had a variety of cool colored manipulatives to build with and explore.

As always, play dough provided endless creativity and fun.

Friends got busy painting, gluing, taping and cutting at our paint easels and creation station.

Our class pets received lots of love and attention.

Here is a peek at your kids playing all over the classroom.

At circle this week we did a mitten activity that incorporated rhyming words and colors.

Teacher Christine read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett and acted out the story with props.

We also shook our fruit shakers, read a story about a chicken named Minerva Louise and sang more silly songs.

We also enjoyed playing at recess with all our buddies.

We had such a fun week with your kids. We are so excited for Pajama Day coming up on Thursday.

Hugs and see you Tuesday,
Meghan and Christine