Sunday, April 12, 2020

Incubating chicken eggs days 1-7

We started incubating chicken eggs on Monday! In our incubator we have green, brown, white and tan eggs.  We have 18 eggs, how many do you think will end up hatching?

Here is a peek at what is happening inside the eggs this week.

Day One: It may not look like much is happening, but today the chicks' brain is starting to grow and develop.

Day Two: Today the chicks' heart is starting to beat and red blood vessels appear in the yolk. The blood vessels are how the chick gets food and nutrients when it is inside the egg.

Day Three: The chicks' nose and wings are starting to develop today.

Day Four: The chicks' tongue is beginning to form today.

Day Five: Did you know that when a chick is inside an egg it is called an embryo??

Day Six: The chicks' beak is starting to develop today.

Day Seven: The chicks' legs and wings are growing more today!

If you have created a chick incubation calendar it may look something like this:

Starting Monday I will be doing updates on the incubation process through videos on the Marco Polo app.

Sending huge hugs,
Teacher Meghan

The Adventures of Baby Mabel

Baby Mabel has been having some strange adventures this week. I keep finding her cage empty and will often spot her frolicking in  my backyard. She is often dressed in different outfits and has met some interesting friends this week.

She met a little gnome friend...

She defended her territory from a fire breathing dragon and some tiny neon ninjas.

And she tried moving into a castle for an afternoon.

 One day Mabel put on a fancy tutu and a fur clip and attended a garden party.

She even tried impersonating the Easter bunny and I think she hoped if she kept her eyes closed no one would notice she was not a real bunny!

Enjoy the sunshine this week! More Baby Mabel adventures will be coming your way soon.
Teacher Meghan