Sunday, November 25, 2018

Feeling Thankful in the YC - Teacher Christine

We were so thankful this week for a wonderful day with our younger class! We packed a lot in to one day and enjoyed every minute with this sweet group. 

The highlight of the day were the two main planned activities on Tuesday. 

The kids were excited to help in the "kitchen" by cutting apples to make applesauce from scratch! We mixed the apples with a bit of water and cinnamon and it was a delicious addition to our snack. The kids had a great time practicing their kitchen skills, too!

At our second activity table the kids had a blast making a shaker out of a paper plate filled with assorted beans and seeds. First, they decorated their shakers with scented markers and stickers, then they filled it with beans and seeds. Finally, our parent helped them staple it up and add strips of colorful paper. They loved creating their very own musical instrument! 

We added watercolors to the art easel this week and the kids loved playing with different color combinations. They created some really beautiful paintings.

We had silly clay pot turkeys with feathers in our texture table this week.

Our water table was filled with fresh cranberries, rosemary, and a funny blow up turkey. We added turkey basters, and a variety of pitchers to the tub as well.

We had turkeys, feathers, and translucent acorns, pumpkins, and apples at our light table. 

Creation station is a busy place! This week we brought out corn cob cut outs, and dried husks. We also had a variety of fall themed cut outs and the kids had fun decorating leaves, apples, and turkeys.

At our fine motor table, we had a decorative corn cob for the kids to enjoy. We added tweezers and magnifying glasses to this station for the kids to use. They loved pulling off the corn and noticing the different colors!

Mabel and Pickle are so loved!

We had apples on our flannel board this week to play with. These are a fun way to work on color sorting and counting.

The kids love to read books! They often look for the books that we read at circle time and ask us to read them again and again. :)

The kids were very busy playing with legos, blocks, animals, gadgets, and collaborating in the kitchen on Tuesday! 

We used our shakers during circle time to sing a special song with Teacher Meghan! We also sang a silly song called "Albuquerque Turkey" and "Way up high in the apple tree". Teacher Meghan taught us a beautiful song called "Funga Alafia" and we read Bear Says Thanks and One Family . We also enjoyed our Thanksgiving yoga series one last time.

It was a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday and we had so much fun in the sun playing chase and getting our wiggles out. 

Next week we move on to a celebration of the upcoming winter and holiday season! We will also start reviewing songs that we have learned this year to prepare for our Winter Program. :)

We are really looking forward to another wonderful week with your sweet kids. 

Christine and Meghan