Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ho! Ho! Ho! in the OC - Teacher Lisa

We were busy little elves this week and had so much fun making things to share with loved ones.

On Monday the kids assembled special gifts and made cards to go with them.

Wednesday they decorated bags using lots of different holiday stamps, markers and dot paints.

Then on Friday they got to wrap their gifts and take them home. We hope you enjoy them!

Other things we worked on this week included jingle bell bracelets for our program.

We also started making candle holders. Our first step was covering a jar with glue and adding sparkles and glitter. Next week we will make beaded wire handles.

Around the classroom there were lots of trees to decorate - in the rice table, on the light table or at the creation station.

The candy builders were so much fun to stack, connect and create with!

The kinetic sand was in the tub, along with a gingerbread man mold, cookie cutters and holiday gems. Our little bakers made all kinds of sweet treats!

Our carpet/dramatic play area is ALWAYS busy. Whether children are building or acting something out, there is lots of practice sharing, communicating, problem solving and collaborating. It's so great to see!

During our story time this week, we learned a new yoga series, played our jingle bells, and read lots of fun holiday books.


We've also been reading books about being unique and embracing the things that make us each special. For our friendship circle on Friday we passed Clifford around and took turns sharing about things we are good at.


We are excited about our last few days together before the winter break and look forward to our program on Friday!

Until then...
Lisa and Sheri

Busy Little Elves in the YC- Teacher Meghan

It was another festive week at Small Friends as our "little elves" wrapped presents for their families, made jingle bell bracelets for the Winter Program and played with toys and friends.
At the light table this week we had clear plastic ornaments and a variety of red and green items the kids could stuff inside the ornaments and then pull them back out with tweezers. The kids loved this holiday themed fine motor activity.

At the building table we had the North Pole set up and the kids had so much fun playing with Santa and his friends.

 We had bears and boats in the water tub this week. The kids especially loved filling and dumping the giant water pitchers we had available.

Green play dough was perfect for making cookies and cupcakes.

Red and green magnetic wands with a variety of magnetic objects was an exciting new twist in the texture table.

We love teaching the kids games as one of our table activities and then having the games available for the kids to play later in the week during free play. The Candy Land Castle Game and the Bear Hibernation Game were both very popular this week.

 The kids had so much fun decorating gift bags and wrapping presents for their families this week.

Each of the children made a jingle bell bracelet that they will use during the Winter Program next Thursday. We can't wait for the kids to show you all the fun songs and poems they have learned during the first half of their school year.

Mabel receives so many snuggles and treats from the class. She loves all the attention.

The book nook is a popular spot to snuggle up and look at books.

We love watching the kids in action as they play together in the classroom.

At circle time this week their was a silly ginger bread eating monkey, a bear hunt, a new song about an umbrella and many fun holiday books.

It was a WET week but we made it outside one day to play in the rain.

We are really looking forward to celebrating with you on Thursday during our Winter Program. We have had such a fun start to the school year with your amazing kids!
Meghan and Christine