Monday, October 28, 2019

Spooky Fun in the YC! Teacher Lisa

There was lots more spooky fun in our classroom this week! From the slimy noodles in the water tub to hammering nails into pumpkins at the building table or crawling through a haunted tunnel, we are making the most of Halloween.

After reading what always becomes a class favorite called Do Not Open This Book, we put spaghetti in our water table. Ask your child to tell you what was at the end of that story!

There were all kinds of Halloween foam and confetti shapes at our creation station. The black and orange play dough was a hit as well.

The pumpkins at our building table were popular and the kids had fun putting on their safety goggles and seeing how many nails and golf tees they could hammer into them.

They also enjoyed slicing and dicing a pumpkin as one of our parent-led activities.

There were paper pumpkins to paint with fly swatters and paper plate jack-o-lanterns created with salad spinners. These are all hanging up in our classroom, so please come in and take a look.


On Thursday, there was a spooky tunnel set up out in the hallway. The kids had so much fun crawling through! Some went in armed with flashlights while others wanted to try it in the dark. Ooooooooooooooh!

As always, friends had fun playing together in all of the different areas of the classroom. Here are some of our favorite shots :).


Scarlet and Ginger got lots of love.

At story time we did a cut-and-tell story about a little mouse who made a house in the forest. See if your child can tell you about it!

We also did the Freeze Dance and read Go Away Big, Green Monster! We put the monster from this story on our flannel board so that the children could play with it.

We LOVED our sunny time outside!


This is our final week of Halloween fun and we can't wait to see everyone in their costumes Thursday and make our magic brew together!

Thanks for sharing your sweet spooks with us :)
Lisa and Sheri

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Batty for Halloween in the OC - Teacher Sheri

We began this week making fold-over bats and ended it crawling through a spooky tunnel! Amidst the fun, we also worked on skills like patterning, shapes, and the alphabet.

There were lots of opportunities for play around the room and the kids stayed very busy!

Our table activities included making patterns with candy corn & pumpkins and playing a shape recognition game with our parent helpers.

Their hands got a good workout cutting lines to make ghosts. They are happily haunting our windows now!

The kids loved squeezing paint and using the fold-over technique to make some pretty colorful bats.

The other art they created was spooky pictures using twigs and google eyes peeking out from the dark.

The spooky tunnel set up out in the hallway was a big highlight for the week! Armed with flashlights, the kids crawled through it over and over again.

At carpet time, Teacher Lisa told a fun cut and tell story about a little mouse and a pumpkin. And another one about ghosts who turn different colors. Ask your kids to tell you all about them!

On Friday, we hid "alpha-bats" for the kids to find and place in the pocket chart. Then at carpet time, everyone had a turn. We also played a game called "I Have, Who Has" which was fun and challenging for them.

We danced to a skeleton bones song and did Halloween yoga - your kids can show you that, too!

Next week, we can't wait to wrap up October with more Halloween fun!

Take care, 
Sheri and Lisa