Tuesday, March 17, 2020

All The Colors of The Rainbow in the YC - Teacher Christine

This week was filled with color and rainbows, leprechauns and magic! 

On Tuesday the kids painted muffin tins the colors of the rainbow to create their own stamps.

At the science table, the kids worked on counting how many green gems would sink their cauldron. They had so much fun!

On Thursday, the kids loved making fruit loop bracelets and necklaces.

We had fun exploring with prisms on Thursday!

Our water tub was filled with gems, gold, cauldrons, and leprechauns!

We filled the texture table with trucks, shovels, and windmills -- tried and true favorites!

The kids had fun building different marble runs at the light table.

We made beautiful rainbow art at creation station!

Here's a look at your kids playing around the room!

Friends love to help each other find the right key to open the locked doors of this little house.

We painted in shades of green at the easel.

They loved playing with our new castle!

Book nook is a great place to relax and read together.

We celebrated a special birthday!

Magna tiles never lose their magic.

Baby Mabel sure is loved!

We start off our second circle time with instruments. The kids absolutely love playing the drums.

We read a HILARIOUS book called That is Not a Good Idea by one of our favorite authors, Mo Willems.

We love our yoga practice!

Recess is always such a joy, and this spring weather has been delightful. 

We are going to miss all of you so much during this extended break. Stay well!

Christine and Meghan

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Leprechauns and rainbows take over the OC - Teacher Meghan

Magic was afoot this week at Small Friends. Gold, rainbows and leprechauns all added to the fun.

On Monday the kids predicted how many green gems it would take to sink their pots of gold.  

During circle time we looked at the kids predictions and the actual number of gems it took to sink each cauldron. What a fun experiment.

The kids made three dimensional rainbows with a construction paper cloud as a base, different colored strips of  paper, lots of tape and cotton balls for added fluff. 

On Wednesday the kids made festive St. Patrick colored art using a salad spinner, glitter and green, gold and silver paint.

The fun continued when the kids got an opportunity to graph the different shapes of marshmallows found in Lucky Charms.

On Friday the kids made rainbows at the light table by lining a pie plate with skittles and then pouring water over the skittles. The results were magical.

The week culminated with making the most epic leprechaun trap. It was full of gold coins, rainbows, slides and shamrocks.

A castle has been added to our toy area for the next few weeks and the kids are so excited to play with it.

This group of kids loves to build. A translucent marble run kept them very busy!

Their were fairies and flowers on the building table and a rainbow of magnets in the texture table.

Leprechauns, cauldrons and gold added a bit of magic to the water tub this week.

Our friends are always utilizing the opportunities for art, drawing and writing available in different areas of the classroom.

We have LOVED hearing about all the adventures panda has had so far this year.

During circle time on Friday we had a little concert full of Irish music!

We will miss all of your kids so much during this unexpected break from school. We hope to see you all very soon.
Huge hugs,
Meghan and Christine