Sunday, December 9, 2018

Holiday Happiness in the YC - Teacher Christine

We had a wonderful week full of holiday cheer and the kids had a blast crafting gifts and playing games. We are really into the holiday spirit in the Younger Class!

In art this week the kids had a blast working on special gifts for their families!

We played a sweet counting game on Tuesday with the kids. Each child had the chance to roll the dice and count out little bears to put to bed in their cave. 

On Thursday we played another fun counting game with candy canes and stockings. The kids identified the number on the stocking and placed the correct number of candy canes in their stocking. 

We had many fine motor activities to enjoy this week.

The kids loved making more jingle bell bracelets to play with.

We had nesting dolls and puzzles, too!

The kids LOVED the Candy Land shape game that we had out on Tuesday.

They also enjoyed decorating our tiny tree with different shaped ornaments.

The kids also loved decorating a magnetic tree and giant present with magnetic bows and ornaments.

Baby Mabel got lots of love and snuggles this week!

We added candy canes, jingle bells and magnetic wands to the texture table.

We had colorful gems and pourers of different sizes in our water table!

Play dough and creation station were busy stations this week! The kids loved creating with gingerbread templates and making gingerbread shaped cookies with the play dough. 

At our light table we had clear ornaments with tweezers and a variety of objects to stuff in and pull out. This was a fun way to work on those fine motor skills.

We had a lovely holiday-inspired doll house scene at our building table. We added some sparkly snow and the kids had a blast with all of the little dolls, snowmen, and reindeer.

The book nook is a wonderful, cozy spot for all to enjoy. We have many new books about winter, snow, gingerbread boys and girls, and the holiday season. The kids sure do love to read.

Here's a look at all of the fun the kids had around the classroom this week!

Circle time was packed with fun songs, books, and dancing. We are working each day to practice a few songs for the Winter Program. The kids love to dance and play instruments and this week we listened to lots of different books with winter and holiday themes. The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Girl, and Snow were all fun read aloud stories this week. 

We were so lucky to have sunny weather this week! It sure was cold, but it didn't stop the kids from running, playing, and enjoying every minute of their time outdoors.

Next week we will keep going with lots of holiday fun! We are really looking forward to sharing our Winter Program with all of you on Thursday!

Christine and Meghan