Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Giants, Castles, and Magic Beans in the YC - Teacher Sheri

This week we experienced the magic of fairy tales! To kick it off the children heard the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, created their own beanstalk art, and played a castle game. Read on to see what other fun we had!

A castle complete with dragons now inhabits the rice table.

The light table had translucent castle builders that fit together only when you can master finding the right slot to place them in.

The water tub was filled with dirt, worms, and bugs.

At the building table, the children played with a zoo and lots of different animals.

For one of our first activities, the kids sponge painted green leaves on their very own painted beanstalk.

At the other activity table, the children were invited to play a fun castle game focusing on color recognition.

On Thursday, everyone got a chance to plant some grass seed and give it a good water with a spray bottle. This grass will grow into "troll hair" and we should see some of sprouting by the time the kids come back to school on Tuesday!

Outside in the hallway, the children put giant green footprints in order from 1-20. Then they walked on top of the feet and counted out loud. 

All around the room, this class stays so busy!

The kids learned the song "Five Little Speckled Frogs" and they loved acting it out at carpet time. See if they can sing it for you!

The children love a "guess where" game and at carpet time they took turns guessing where a golden egg was hidden under one of the beanstalk leaves numbered 1-12.

We are grateful we didn't lose any school days due to the snow and we had such a great week with your sweet kiddos! Looking forward to next week!

Take care,

Sheri and Lisa

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Magnet painting and shaving cream art in the YC - Meghan and Christine

We packed a ton of fun into our week with a couple of super cool art projects, love potion making and an animal matching game. 

On Tuesday the kids got the opportunity to paint using magnets. we dipped large magnetic balls in green, gold and yellow paint and then the kids used magnetic wands to move the balls around on their paper spreading the paint all over.

On Tuesday the kids also got to make "love potions" in clear film canisters which included gems, sequins, baby oil, liquid water color and glitter. The kids had a blast carefully measuring out the items and then shaking up their finished product.

On Thursday we taught the kids how to create prints on watercolor paper using shaving cream and liquid water color. The kids loved adding water color to the shaving cream,  swirling it all around and then dipping their paper in the mixture. They are so beautiful! 

On Thursday the kids also got to play an animal matching game. They had so much fun working together to find the right shapes to put in each little house.

At our texture table the kids poured, measured and scooped.

Water beads, snakes and fish continued to be a ton of fun to play with in the water tub.

At our light table the kids loved building with translucent red and clear blocks and plastic unicorns.

The kids took full advantage of all the fine motor activities available throughout the room.

Our budding artists had a blast with paint, glitter, tape and blue at creation station and our paint easels.

Our play dough area has some new fun items for the kids to play with an explore this week!

These kids LOVE the magna tiles and have spent so much time building with them. They worked individually to make some amazing creations and collectively to make some monster towers.

Mabel received so much love and attention this week.

Friends shared some giggles while playing together. 

At circle time we read about a slug who found a cool shell and a monster who was in our book! We also read a couple of class favorites, The Wonky Donkey and Bark, George. These kids sure do love books!

We also had fun with our vegetable shakers, love yoga, and songs. 

We had such a fun time in the cold, sunny weather outside!

We had so much fun this week with your kids. Next week we start our fairy tale unit and cannot wait to explore the story of the  Three Little Pigs.
Have a great weekend!
Meghan and Christine