Sunday, January 26, 2020

Penguins and Mittens in the YC- Teacher Meghan

The winter fun continued this week! Penguins and mittens were our central theme and we had so much fun exploring, learning and playing with your amazing kids.

The kids made a "fold over mitten" during a parent led art activity this week. We used these mittens to play a fun matching game during circle time!

Our other art activity this week was making super cute penguins using a circular sponge and black and white paint. The kids added features with a glue stick. We have these silly birds on display in the classroom.

 The kids got to go "fishing" for letters and shapes in a wooden boat. 

 They also practiced one to one correspondence by placing goldfish on the belly of some sweet little penguins with numbers and dots on their tummies.

We had ice in the water tub this week and the kids had a blast working together to free the Artic animals trapped in the ice with spray bottles, cups and spoons.

Polar bears and ice blocks invaded our texture table and made for some wintery fun.

At the building table we had a variety of building materials in cool colors. It was fascinating to watch the creativity in which the kids used the materials to build a variety of things.

We had a magical fairy winter wonderland on the light table.

Last week we did a silly poem about a kitten who lost her mitten. We put the flannel pieces on our flannel board this week and the kids enjoyed acting out the poem on their own.

  The kids were busy playing and creating all over the classroom.

At circle time this week we learned about hibernation, did animal yoga and danced with bean bags!

We have one more week of winter activities planned before we switch gears and get ready to celebrate Valentine's day. 
We can't wait to see your little ones on Tuesday!
Meghan and Christine

Full of Joy in January (OC) - Teacher Christine

We had such a lovely week making art, working on letter recognition, writing, and playing together all around the room!

This week we created beautiful birch tree paintings. The kids started their paintings by taping their trees. Then, they added water color and sprinkled Epsom salts to create a pretty nighttime scene. 

On Friday, they put the finishing touches on their birch tree paintings by adding bark details to their trees. We had a tree branch and picture of birch trees for the kids to reference. Their paintings will be hanging in the classroom next week!

The kids are making great progress with their letter writing and did a great job writing their names to create a cute snowman art project.

They practiced letter recognition by brushing away rice to search for hidden letters and had fun looking for the letters in their names!

On Friday we played a fun snowman game. The kids took turns rolling the dice to make a snowman.

Everyone was thrilled to discover a big iceberg in the water tub. They had fun using spray bottles to melt the ice to free the animals and gems. :)

The kids loved painting with ice cubes made from liquid watercolor and making special art for the classroom.

We had a cupcake party at the play dough table!

The kids loved playing with polar bears and "ice bergs" in the texture table.

We had a variety of fun materials in cool winter colors at the building table this week. 

Here's a look at your children playing around the room!

We love looking at our cute new fishy friends!

During circle time we learned a new animal yoga series. We also read several silly books - The Penguin and the Lollipop and The Penguin Gets the Hiccups

We had a great time learning songs and listening to new books at library story time on Friday!

Playing outside in the fresh, cool air is the best!

We can't wait to see your wonderful children next week!

Christine and Meghan