Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Zoom into space with the OC- Teacher Meghan

This week we blasted off into space! We made planets and rockets, flew on many important space missions and explored alien soup.

In our water tub we had all the ingredients for alien soup. Frogs, lizards, snakes, turkey basters, mixers and nets made for some creative fun in purple and orange water.

Our texture table had black beans, astronauts, planets and moons which was a perfect backdrop for space fun.

Stars and circles ignited imaginations at creation station this week.

Friends loved squishing green and pink play dough.

We moved our writing area and the kids are enjoying spreading out in the new space.

The kids loved creating different planet scenes on the flannel board.

Magnetic balls and rods were a hit on the light table this week.

Tin cans, crazy magnetic eyes and magna tiles served as the perfect building tools for aliens and rocket ships at the building table this week.

The kids loved making wacky space animals and robots.

We put a control panel, helmets and silver shirts in the classroom and these items magically transformed our loft into a spaceship. The kids had so much fun flying all over the universe on secret missions.

On Monday and Wednesday the kids made their very own rocket ships with toilet paper rolls as their base. They added sparkly streamers, stickers and tape and these awesome art projects were ready for take off. 

Our second activity on Monday was a math activity that involved making giant rockets out of unifix cubes. This activity focused on one to one correspondence and identifying numbers 11 - 20.

On Wednesday the kids took a trip to outer space where they built structures out of foam blocks and then used careening to planets to knock these structures over. It was fun to watch the kids brainstorm what they needed to do with the planets and their structures for ultimate demolition.

On Friday one of our activities was making planets. First the kids colored bright pieces of tag board with chalk. Next they made designs with glue. Lastly, the kids sprinkled their glue designs with different colored sand. The results turned out awesome! Come check them out next time you come to school!

Our second activity on Friday was filling our memory boxes with sparkly shamrocks and leprechaun stickers. The kids had fun reminiscing about their adventures with the leprechaun and looking through all of the items they have collected so far this year in their memory boxes.

We loved our time with Casey in the library this week! We will be taking the month of April off from story time while the library gets remodeled.

During circle time this week we have continued to work on letter sounds and sounding out simple words. We read silly books about aliens and learned some awesome new songs about space.

Friends also shared their panda experiences with the class during circle.

We loved playing in the sun and rain this week.

We hope everyone is having an AMAZING spring break!
See you in a week,
Meghan and Christine