Sunday, June 9, 2019

We'll See You Another School Day! (YC) - Teacher Sheri

We loved our last school days together and can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. This class has grown so much and we made happy memories along the way!

For our last week, we wanted to put some of the kids' favorite things around the room. We took out the beans and replaced it with kinetic sand and dinosaurs. Kinetic sand is so much fun!

We had water in the tub for all our friends who love to fill, dump, and pour. This is a "go-to" spot for so many kids who want that sensory experience.

Mr. Potato Head on the building table was a great place for kids to gather and add silly parts to the potato bodies.

At the light table, we set out our Lite Brites and the kids enjoyed sticking the pegs in the holes and playing with the colored pegs on the light table.

On Monday, our parent helper facilitated the playing of an Ice Cream Scoop game. They rolled the dice and then scooped that number of ice cream balls to place in their sundae trays. The scoopers required the kids to squeeze and strengthen those hand muscles. 


At the other activity table, the kids looked into a mirror, taking notice of their face shape and features. They used a black Sharpie to draw a self portrait and this one will be the first of a series they will do throughout their Older Class year. 

On Thursday, we used all sorts of gadgets to paint a big colorful collage together. They loved stamping and mixing colors and trying out all the different implements.

We also wanted the kids to take some time out to work on a puzzle of their choice. Our parent helper assisted them in practicing this important skill.

We spent some time practicing our songs for the program and also took a moment to show the kids their song binder, which will be taken home after the program. The binder contains the lyrics to our songs and finger plays as well as artwork that was inspired by the songs. We hope this is a fun way to treasure their art as well as remember those fun songs.

As usual, the kids spent time at playdough and creation station.

We also observed some awesome play happening between friends. Their social skills are blossoming and it's fun to see them discover some new friendships.

And we got some great days outside!

We are going to MISS this sweet, special class over the summer. But we know you will all enjoy your adventures and look forward to when we meet again!

With love, 

Sheri and Lisa