Sunday, November 17, 2019

The ABC's of Fall - Teacher Lisa (OC)

A is for apples and we sure did a lot with them this week! We sliced them, simmered them in a pot, placed them over crushed graham crackers, added a dollop of whipped cream and then gobbled them up - YUM!

We played with them in the water tub, whisking them and baking them in pretend pies.

We measured how many apples tall we are and decorated pages about it to put in our portfolios.

B is for Bingo, which we played on Wednesday to practice letter recognition.

C is for circle. We did our very first Friendship Circle on Friday. We will do this once a week for the rest of the year. Our Friendship Circle is a time for each of us to share something about a specific topic (this week's was "things you like to do with your family"). We pass an object around the circle and take turns speaking and listening. We thought everyone did a great job with this and it was sweet to hear them talk about the things they like to do with all of you.

D is for drawing. On Friday the children each chose a leaf to draw. They looked carefully at their leaves, observing the shape, edges, veins and colors, noticing the small details. Then they drew them with black Sharpies and painted them with water colors. Their work is on display in our hallway.

E is for everything else that was going on around the room this week! There were blocks to stack at the light table and Squigs to explore on our building table.

There was a barn in the texture table, along with tractors, animals, pumpkins and toy people.

It's fun to see the writing that's happening at our writing table!

There were all kinds of activities in and around the dress-up area. We are so thankful to have this nice large space for picnics, block building and playing games.

Our play dough area and creation station continue to get lots of visitors.

During our carpet time, we did our Pumpkin Seed Yoga Flow and learned some new songs with sticks. We read a book called, Livingstone Mouse and will play a game about this adventurous little fellow next week.

It felt good to get outside.

Next week we will start talking about turkeys and Thanksgiving. We're sure thankful for all of you, your sweet kiddos and the mornings we spend together.

We'll see you Monday,
Lisa and Sheri

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