Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy Halloween in the OC! Teacher Lisa

It was a short but busy week as we wrapped up the last of our Halloween activities with spooky quesadillas, pumpkin bowling, tape monsters and magic potions!

On Monday the children shredded cheese and used cookie cutters to create spooky quesadilla treats to gobble up.

They made monsters (mummies or skeletons) with tape and Q-tips.

There were Lincoln Logs at the building table that became houses for different little Halloween figures.

We had several games out, including Halloween Bingo, What's Missing, and Spider Toss.


At the water tub children stirred ghosts and ghouls in bright orange water.

There was a little something for everyone and each area of our classroom stayed busy.


It was so fun to see everyone in their costumes on Wednesday! 

There were spiders, skulls, eyeballs, pompoms, glitter and more to mix in little potion bottles.

Children headed out to the hallway for some bowling fun, attempting to knock down as many skeleton bottles as they could with their pumpkin bowling ball.

Perhaps the biggest event on Wednesday was our magic brew! Each child added their juice to the cauldron. We stirred our brew, said a few magic words, and added one final ingredient (dry ice). This steamy, bubbly concoction was a delicious addition to our snack time!

We learned a ghost dance, read Halloween stories and perfected our Halloween yoga series.

It was brisk and sunny outside for our recess time. We are loving this weather!

October was an AWESOME month at school! Now we look forward to more fall fun with apples, leaves, squirrels and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with us,
Lisa and Sheri

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