Sunday, November 17, 2019

Squirelly Fun and Fall Trees in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

We had a great week painting trees, playing a squirrel game, and making squirrel snacks! The kids even got to bury their snacks outside and find them just like squirrels do. We are nuts about Fall!

We started off the week creating beautiful trees. The kids used scrub brushes to stamp on fall color and added shiny leaves.

Meanwhile, the kids were practicing color recognition and sorting by pretending to feed squirrels different colored discs that corresponded to the correct squirrel color.

Speaking of feeding squirrels, we made our own "squirrel snacks" on the next school day and the kids loved filling their bags with a variety of goodies!

They took their snacks outside and looked for a place to hide them, then we took a picture of them pretending to be little squirrels. They found their snack and went back inside to munch away!

Their squirrel picture was put inside a tree trunk that they painted with metallic colors using shower sponges. You'll have to check them out...they are hanging up inside the classroom and are so cute!

We read books about squirrels and you may have heard your kids singing the "Squirrelly, Shake Your Bushy Tail" song. It's a fun one! 

We also had more fun with rhythm sticks!

Around the room, our little explorers checked out the water tub that was filled with pie tins, foam apples, and hand mixers.

And they built with blocks at the light table and squigs on the building table.

We enjoy this class so much! They are really growing and changing every day.

Next week, we're adding a little gobble gobble to our week in preparation for Thanksgiving! Until then, take good care.

Sheri and Lisa

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