Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy Halloween in the YC! - Teacher Christine

What a Happy Halloween week we had in the Younger Class! We made monster art and spider snacks, witches brew, and dressed up in costumes, too!

On Tuesday, the children worked on their scissor skills by cutting colorful tape to make a mummy monster!

Out in the hall, the children mastered the art of pumpkin bowling!

On Halloween the children made the cutest spider snacks using Ritz crackers for the body, pretzels for the legs, chocolate chips for eyes, and cream cheese or sun butter to hold it all together.

We challenged the children to their first "What's Missing" game this week! We placed a variety of items on a tray to look at and identify. Our parent helper covered the items and took one away. Then the children had to figure out what item was missing!

The children were delighted by the basket of wind up toys we put out this week on our fine motor table.

In honor of the Halloween season, we filled our water tub with cauldrons, potion making ingredients and glowing orange water.

The children loved making scary shapes at the play dough station using ghost, witch, and pumpkin cookie cutters.

Creation station is even more fun on Halloween!

The children enjoy every area of the room to the fullest. Here's a look at all of the fun they had this week!

It was so much fun to see your sweet children in their costumes.

We read the last of our Halloween stories this week. One of our favorites was Aaaarrgghh! Spider!

We told our first "cut and tell" story about a little mouse who made a cozy home in a pumpkin. At the end of the story, we discovered that the pumpkin had become a jack-o-lantern!

The most exciting part of circle time this week was making our special Halloween witch's brew. Each child added juice to our cauldron while we said a special poem. Next we added a magic ingredient (dry ice) that made the brew smoke and bubble. We enjoyed our witches brew during snack time!

We bid a fond farewell to October and will return to the classroom on Tuesday to apples, leaves, and baby owls. We can't wait!

Christine and Meghan

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