Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy Halloween in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

This week was full of fun, costumes, and magic brew. Take a look to see all we were up to!

On Tuesday the kids worked on scissor skills, cutting strips from our colored tape dispenser. They created not-so-spooky tape monsters!

They also loved playing the What's Missing game with Halloween items and exercising their memory muscle. This is a fun and easy one to do at home, too!

Halloween felt very festive as all our friends arrived in costumes! One of the first things they did was a little pumpkin bowling in the hallway.

Inside the room, they made spider crackers - tasty!

We danced like ghosts at carpet time!

The highlight of the day was making our Halloween magic brew. The kids each got a turn pouring in their juice and saying some magic words. The special ingredient was added and they loved the bubbling and the smoke!

All week, the children stayed busy and active. We are really noticing them making more connections with one another!

And lucky for us, we had beautiful days to enjoy outside as well!

Next week, we welcome November with things like fall leaves, squirrels, and apples!

Until then, take care!
Sheri and Lisa

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