Friday, November 15, 2019

Apples and Acorns in the OC - Teacher Meghan

The Fall fun continued this week with cooking apple pie in a cup, an acorn alphabet game and leaf drawings.

We had several activities available for the kids that involved counting, sorting and strengthening fine motor skills.

The kids loved the trucks in the texture table, kinetic sand and squirrels in the water tub and calico critters at the building table.

At the light table the kids made beautiful fall trees with translucent leaves and trunks.

This week we did some cooking. On Wednesday the kids made apple pie in a cup. The kids helped chop apples for apple sauce and crushed graham crackers for the crust. The results were delicious! 

The kids also discovered how many apples tall they were.

We played a super fun alphabet acorn game that worked on recognizing letters and their corresponding sounds.

Our other parent led activity was drawing or tracing pressed leaves and painting them with liquid water color. 

We had so much fun with imaginative play this week. Building zoos out of wooden blocks, flying to the hottest planet in the universe, cat mania and dress up galore dominated the play scene this week.

The fun continues next week with turkeys and owls!
As always thank you for sharing your amazing children with us.
Meghan and Christine

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