Friday, November 22, 2019

It's Turkey Time in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

This week we made paper plate turkeys, cooked applesauce from scratch, and cut vegetables in the water tub - - looks like Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

The cutest turkeys will come home with you just in time for the holiday! The kids used dot markers to create colorful feathers on Tuesday.

The next school day, they added features to their turkeys!

Fall is apple picking time, so we had some fun with an apple seed counting game!

Then we made our own applesauce from scratch and this was a highlight! First, the little chefs chopped the apples into bite size pieces - we even left the peel on!

Then they added the apples to a pot, poured water in and let it simmer. A couple shakes of cinnamon were put in as well.

When the apples were soft, they took turns stirring the pot and mashing the apples.

We enjoyed it at snack time, especially with a little whipped cream on top!

At carpet time, we had fun singing "I'm a Nut" and "Way Up High in the Apple Tree!" Ask your child if they can sing these songs for you!

Some of the books we read were Ten Apples on Top and The Mouse and the Apple.

We also tried a new "Tick-Tock Little Yoga Clock" song!

Around the room, friends visited the building table with squirrels and wood as well as the light table where they could string on beads and leaves to trees.

The kids loved chopping real vegetables at the water tub!

There were opportunities all around the room for art, play, and activities!

We look forward to a fun day next week before the Thanksgiving holiday. And in the spirit of thanks - we want to say how GRATEFUL we are for you and your sweet children!

All the best, 

Sheri and Lisa

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