Sunday, January 21, 2018

Penguins, Polar Bears and Piles of Snow (YC) Teacher Lisa

Winter rages on in our classroom, but we don't mind one bit! This week we had more fun with penguins and polar bears, read stories about mittens, played hockey in the hallway, and so much more!

You may have noticed that we are experimenting with the way we change out the activities at the tables. Instead of doing a classroom-wide activity switch on Fridays, we have been rotating things a table or two at a time, often in the middle of the week. Here are some of the things that were rotated in our classroom recently...

The ski slopes on our building table made way for clotheslines and gloves. This allows for a variety of fine-motor experiences as children carefully put them on their own fingers or use the clothespins to hang them on the line.

The buckets and shovels in the rice (snow) table were replaced by trucks and windmills. The children LOVE to fill the tops of the windmills and then stand back as the rice goes flying!

The polar bears from our texture table went to play with the penguins in the water tub. They were even joined by some hungry alligators - look out!

This class really enjoys playing games and some of their favorites are Let's Go Fishing, the ABC game, Spot-It, and Snail Race. They are getting better all the time at taking turns and working together :).

They have also been busy at the writing center making things for parents and other family members.

They love these wind-up toys and will often pull them from the shelves.

Here are some of the other ways children enjoyed their free time during the week:

Our parent led activities at the art table included stamping penguins with a couple of different sponge shapes and then adding beaks, feet and eyes. These are hanging in the hallway.

We also did a fold-over paint activity on mittens. There were several squeeze bottles children could use to place dots of paint on one of their mittens. Then they folded the two together, rubbed the surface thoroughly, and opened them up to see the design they had created. Beautiful! We will use these to play a matching game next week.

We did a counting activity with hungry little penguins on Tuesday, placing goldfish on their bellies according to the number of dots showing. As they "fed" the penguins, children counted the number of fish they needed. At the end of the activity, they each got to eat a fish as well.

Thursday they headed out to the hallway to try their hands (and feet) at hockey. The pucks were paper plates with different shapes drawn on them that the kids practiced identifying as they whacked them toward the goal. 

At the carpet this week we learned a new song about a lonely, cold little penguin. We used the bean bags to help him/her cover up different body parts. See if your child can remember some of them!

We read Jan Brett's The Mitten using a gigantic mitten and lots of stuffed animals. See if your child can tell you what happens in that story. 

We also sang our rhyming song about colored mittens. Playing around with rhymes is a fun way to help children cue into different sounds - a necessary skill for the reading and writing they will be doing later.

We have so much fun with your sweet kiddos! Thanks for sharing them with us and for all you do to make our program what it is!

Until Tuesday...
Lisa and Sheri