Sunday, October 14, 2018

Creepy Spiders and Soaring Bats! YC - Teacher Christine

We kicked the week off with a big change in the classroom -- spiders, bats, and all things Halloween have taken over! The children were delighted to see all of the exciting new activities.

The texture table was chock full of silly pumpkins, sparkly beads, creepy eyeballs, and cauldrons for collecting spooky treasure.

We replaced the soft cloud dough from last week with pretend spiders of all shapes and sizes to catch and release and a fun water chute to experiment with.

At the light table, the children created all sorts of hilarious and scary jack-o-lanterns. Some even had mustaches, eyebrows, and ears!

Play dough is always popular, and this week we saw the addition of eyeballs, pumpkins, bones, and spiders. 

At our creation station we had bats and mummies! The dry erase boards are also tons of fun and we have noticed that the children work together to make wonderful scribble drawings. They also LOVE to paint at the easel in the new colors we chose for the week -- purple, black, and white. They noticed that mixing black and white made gray and adding white to purple made it lighter. Look for lots of fun paintings to take home this week.

We had bug builders and bones at the building table.

We had wind up toys at our fine motor table and Halloween themed puzzles to enjoy this week. The children are also choosing puzzles from our shelves to revisit from September.

On Tuesday, the children created collaborative golf ball spider webs. Look for these on display in the classroom! 

Friends also had a blast painting their faces this week!

On Thursday, the children made contact paper spider webs using yarn in various colors to make a special web for their spider. For this activity they looked at books about spiders and their webs to see how a web is made.

On Thursday we played a spider counting game. 

Baby Mabel always gets lots of love and attention.

The children love playing together, building, blocks, and dressing up!

We snuggled up and read stories in the book nook.

During circle time we danced and played with shakers, did spooky yoga, and read books. We learned a silly story about five little pumpkins, and listened to a song about a spider on the floor. During the song each child had their own spider and acted out the song along with Teacher Meghan. We also played a fun counting game with ghosts, spiders, and pumpkins.

The children love to play outside in the beautiful fall weather!

Next week we continue the spooky fun with monsters and more Halloween fun! As always, thank you for sharing your amazing children with us. We are having so much fun.

Christine and Meghan