Sunday, December 9, 2018

Little elves and gingerbread in the OC - Teacher Meghan

Your little elves were busy this week putting the finishing touches on holiday gifts and enjoying the magic of this wonderful season.

At our fine motor table this week the kids enjoyed decorating a magnetic tree and giant present with magnetic bows and ornaments.

Magnets were also a theme at our texture table. We had magnetic wands and a variety of red, green and silver magnetic objects that the kids could fish for in the rice.

We had a present wrapping station in our water tub filled with boxes, bags and wrapping paper.

At creation station we had a variety of crafts the kids could make as presents for their friends and family. The kids LOVED making gifts and then wrapping them at our water tub.

The kids loved playing with our winter scene at the building table.

At our light table we had clear ornaments with tweezers and a variety of objects to stuff in and pull out. This was such a fun way to work on those fine motor skills.

We had awesome red play dough that was perfect for squishing and molding.

Here is a peek at your sweet kids playing around the room.

Mabel got some extra love and snuggles this week.

On Monday the kids got busy working on a top secret gift.

The kids also made hand print wreaths to help decorate the classroom for our winter program.

Over the past two weeks we have read several versions of the gingerbread man. On Wednesday the kids got a chance to make their own version of a gingerbread person.

On Wednesday the kids finished their kindness jars by adding beads. The jars turned out beautifully and will be heading home with your kids this week so you can enjoy them over the holidays.

On Friday the kids played a game that had them work on counting using one to one correspondence up to 25. The kids got to count different types of candy and find the matching numeral on our sweet felt gingerbread house.

On Friday our little elves got busy working on the next part of their secret gift for their families.

At circle time this week we talked about friendship and kindness and how we can share our "light" with the world by being kind to others. the kids each got a chance to share how they can spread kindness.

We read some fun books about snow and several versions of the gingerbread man including the Gingerbread Girl and The Ninjabread Man. 

We practiced songs for our program and can't wait to knock your socks off on Friday with all of our songs and fingerplays.

We also played a fun gingerbread game where the kids got to be the gingerbread people!

Next week we have typical school days on Monday and Wednesday and our winter program on Friday from 10:30 - 11:30. We are so excited to enjoy these last few days with your little ones before we head into winter break.
See you tomorrow,
Meghan and Christine

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