Monday, November 11, 2019

Autumn Vibes in the OC - Teacher Sheri

Fall is in the air at Small Friends and we are loving everything the season brings! This week we did art and activities inspired by fall, like creating apple art and getting handwriting practice on pumpkin scratch paper. We also took a nature walk and noticed all the crunchy leaves on the ground!

Our week started off with a two day art project making apple collages. This activity has so many fun parts to it and they ended up looking awesome.

The first step was gluing strips of newspaper on the apple shape.

Then, they painted over the textured apple and added a leaf and stem.

Our parent helper took the kids outside to collect signs of fall and nature like leaves, pine cones, and flowers. Inside, they used the tape and scissors (always working on hand strength for writing!) and taped their two favorites on an acrylic screen. They loved this and it was pretty to look at all week.

Another important skill we are focusing on is pencil grip. We showed the kids how to hold their writing utensil and they got to write or draw whatever they wanted on the magic pumpkin scratch paper!

The kids added mementos to their memory boxes. Taking a trip down memory lane is always a good time. 

Another one of our activities was an acorn alphabet game. They took turns picking out an item, identifying it, and trying to determine its beginning letter sound. This was a great introduction to phonics and kept them engaged!

We used rhythm sticks at carpet time and learned a yoga flow about a pumpkin seed. I bet they can show it to you!

The vowels made an appearance this week and Teacher Lisa taught everyone the classic, silly Apples and Bananas song. They also sang a new song about The Old Oak Tree!

This is a class full of builders and explorers and artists - we love watching them play inside and outside.

Next week we will have more fun with leaves, apples, pumpkin pie and all things fall y'all!

Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa

Autumn Leaves and Apples in the OC - Teacher Christine

This week in the OC we celebrated the treasures of the fall harvest - apples! We also explored outside to find signs of fall - leaves, pine cones, and so much more.

On Monday we began a two-day project creating apple collages. The children painted their apples with glue and then covered them with newspaper strips. This was a great chance to practice their scissor skills!

On Wednesday, they painted their apples and got to practice writing the letter A for apple! The finished apples look so cute and are displayed in the classroom. Come take a look!

We filled our memory boxes with treasures from our October and Halloween units. 

On Wednesday we went on a fall scavenger hunt and created a nature collage with our friends in room F!

On Friday we worked on our pencil grips by  "carving" designs into pumpkin scratch paper. 

We practiced our letters by playing apple bingo!

We had lincoln logs, trucks, and traffic signs on the building table.

The play dough station was full of bakers making apple pies and cakes.

The children had a lot of fun problem solving and building structures with translucent blocks at the light table.

Here's a look at your children playing around the room! We have many artists who love to spend time at the creation station.

All of the children are engaged in collaborative play and love to build blocks together, dress up, and play games!

We start our circle time with a deep breathing exercise or yoga. This week we learned a fun pumpkin yoga sequence.

We had fun reading books about pumpkins, squirrels and bears. We read Clifford's First Autumn and Clifford even came by to say hi! We also learned a variety of new autumn inspired songs.

The children love this beautiful fall weather.

Next week we continue to marvel at all of the changes fall brings!

Christine and Meghan