Sunday, November 17, 2019

Autumn Leaves and Silly Squirrels in the YC - Teacher Christine

The fall fun continued this week in the YC! We explored more of the beauty of fall leaves and trees and made some delicious squirrely snacks, too! 

On Tuesday the children used pipettes to drip watercolors on paper towel leaves. This project is so vibrant and beautiful! Check out the display in our classroom.

We played a fun color and counting game with leaves at our math and science table. The children pulled translucent leaves from a bag and matched them to the leaf template on the table. Then, they counted how many leaves they had altogether.

On Thursday, we decorated tree trunks using gadgets and sparkly paint. We will print pictures of each child pretending to be a squirrel and add them to the tree.

Speaking of squirrels, the children made a bag of squirrely snacks on Thursday. They took turns hiding the snacks around the room and finding them, just like real squirrels.

The children LOVED playing with kinetic sand in our water tub this week.

We have many busy artists in the younger class!

We had translucent trees, acorns, pumpkins, and leaves at our light table.

Creativity abounds in the YC! They love to build with blocks and Legos, play dress up, and to hold Baby Mabel.

Circle time was full of fall fun. We finished our pumpkin yoga series and read Clifford's First Autumn.  Clifford the puppet even came to visit! We also read a book called Polkadot Pants and learned a silly dance to go with it. 

We also practiced color recognition by playing an exciting game to find a little mouse hiding in a colorful house.

It feels great to be outside on these cool fall days.

Next week we start our Thanksgiving and turkey theme.

We love spending time with your amazing children!

Christine and Meghan

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