Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holiday Happenings in the YC - Teacher Lisa

Signs of the season were all around this week, and everyone was excited to come in and see what was new!

There were magnet wands and all kinds of metal and non-metal shapes and trinkets in our rice table. 

At the water tub, bears floated on boats and in huge jugs. The kids LOVE to fill these to the tippy top and dump them out.

Santa's helpers were busy at the building table and there were trees to decorate out on the flannel board.

There were clear ornaments on the light table, along with jingle bells, ribbon, pipe cleaners and other objects for stuffing inside. Once the ornaments were full, children could use tweezers to pull the items back out and start all over again. 

There were some new materials out at our creation station, too!

At our art table we made fuzzy bears with googly eyes, red bows and coffee fur.

We also started working on a special gift for our families.

Children played a counting game, rolling dice and placing the corresponding number of bears in their caves to hibernate.

We played a holiday version of the hiding game, placing a variety of holiday objects on a tray and then hiding one (or more) in a box to see if players could guess what we'd taken.

Here are some more of the ways children created, played and collaborated this week at school!


During our carpet time we sang and acted out a song about teddy bears. We also pretended to be grizzly bears sleeping in our caves.....shhhhh!

We had to be very brave when we went on a bear hunt!

We been having fun with the "stilts" outside.

We'll have more holiday fun in the weeks ahead - such a magical time of year with lots to look forward to!

We'll see you soon,
Lisa and Sheri

Merry and Bright in the OC! - Teacher Sheri

'Twas the first week in December and all through the school, things looked merry and bright like a holiday jewel! 

When the kids arrived on Wednesday, there were signs of the season everywhere like new rice in the texture table with jingle bells and magnetic wands, green and red bears in the water tub, and fine motor play with ornaments on the light table!

The kids enjoyed our two art projects this week! The first one was tree foldover art using paint and yarn. After making the paint design, they embellished the tree with shiny beads or confetti. They are hanging up in the classroom!

The second project they created was handprint wreaths. The parent helper painted the kids' hands and made prints in a circle. The kids added fingerprint berries and a bow to create a keepsake wreath!

At one activity table, the kids learned how to use mini staplers and create paper chains. This was challenging for them to use enough hand strength to staple as well as manage making the paper rings, but they all tried and now they are decorating the room!

We worked on our counting skills to 20 by playing a fun candy counting game. After choosing a bag of candy and counting the gumdrops, they identified the number and got to place a gingerbread man in the corresponding pocket.


The kids stayed super busy and we ended the week with Friday Friendship Circle, in which everyone shared about things they work hard on.

We are off to a great start this month and look forward to the coming weeks and all this season brings!

Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa