Sunday, September 17, 2017

Welcome Small Friends-YC with Teacher Susie

We have had such a fun week with your kids.  It was nice to meet half of the class at a time but we are super excited to have our whole class together next week!  Here is a snapshot of what we did our first week of school.

Our seed table is filled with flax seed, windmills and lots of items that the kids can use to scoop and pour.

How fun is this water table?  It is full of frogs, rocks, lily pads and nets.  The kids had a lot of fun catching frogs and pouring water.

Good old Mr. Potato head made his debut on our building table, an oldie but a goodie.  We had a great time creating all sorts of funny potato people.

Our play dough table is a great place to gather and create.  We have left it very open ended this year and have a shelf filled with lots of items the kids can use.

Our light table had translucent Duplos on it.

We had geoboards out for a fine motor activity.

If you have heard your kids talk about Mabel she is our classroom guinea pig.  We also have fish!  The kids have really enjoyed our pets this week.  

Our art project this week is painting with gadgets.  We collected all sorts of items with different shapes and patterns for the kids to experiment with.  They had lots of fun and their art work is on display in our room.

Our second parent helper taught the kids how to use our creation station area.  This is an open ended art area filled with glue, tape, googly eyes, pom poms, sparkly jewels, buttons...and the list goes on.  The kids love this area and having them learn to pick a few items at a time and help clean it up will give them great ownership throughout the school year.


Free play is such a precious time to watch your kids use their imagination and work on social skills.  We had kids blasting off into space, cooking in our play kitchen, building with our box of pretend tools, investigating nature, reading and constructing train tracks. 



We  usually have lots of games and puzzle available during free play.

Our paint easel is open every day. Look at these fun creations!

The books we read this week were:  Are You Ready For Some Fun? and Bark George.  We got lots of giggles and belly laughs with these fun books.

We learned some new songs (Open, Shut Them and I Had A Little Turtle), sang some name songs, danced and also practiced some of the yoga breaths that we will use during the year.

It was a beautiful week and we enjoyed the sunshine while we were out at recess.


Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

Welcome OC Friends!! -Teacher Meghan

Welcome Friends! What a wonderful and exciting first week of school in the Older Class! It was so fun to observe and participate in all the amazing play, exploration and discovery that occurred throughout the classroom. This week we learned routines, explored different areas of the classroom and bonded with friends both old and new. 

At the texture table we had flax seed that was perfect for scooping, dumping and filling.

At the water table the kids enjoyed "catching" plastic frogs with nets and mini bug boxes. Pouring and scooping water is always fun too!

We had a variety of different colored paints at the easels for the kids to express their artistic side.

The writing table got a bit of a face lift this year. On Friday the kids learned all about all the new items at the writing table and got a chance to explore this area. This area will be one of the options available to the kids during free play.

Play dough is always popular in the classroom. The kids were really excited when they discovered birthday candles to go with the green play dough.

At the light table we had translucent duplos for building.

On the felt board we had felt children with a variety of outfits to mix and match.

At the building table we had "Mister Potato Head" and all of his different body parts to create a variety of crazy characters.

The kids loved checking out creation station this week and we got to witness the kids creative juices as well as a lot of glue flowing freely in this area. 

In our fine motor area we had puzzles, geo boards and a variety of other fun activities available to the kids.

The kids had so much fun with dramatic play this week. We saw lots of building and fixing, tea parties and dress up. 

Our guinea pig, Baby Mabel got lots of love from friends old and new.

On Monday the kids got a chance to do golf ball painting with a friend. First they slathered their golf balls in yellow and orange paint and then placed the balls in a cardboard box with a piece of paper. As they moved the box around some interesting designs and textures appeared as the paint-slathered balls raced from one side of the box to the other.

Our other parent led activity on Monday was a scavenger hunt in our garden. The kids searched for bugs, plants and other fun items while enjoying fresh air with friends.

On Wednesday the kids got to make their magical memory boxes with jewels, markers and paint dobbers. Throughout the year the kids will fill this box with special items to help them remember all of the unique things we did at Small Friends this year.

We re-organized creation station this year! On Wednesday the kids learned about how creation station is set up and got to make a project using all of the fun items available to them. Creation station is an option available to the kids during free play each day.

On Friday the kids learned all about our writing station and got a chance to try out all of the fun things available to use in this area such as stickers, stamps and shape punchers.

Our second parent-directed activity on Friday was painting "magical" rocks. On Monday the kids will get to find a special home for their rock out in our garden.

During circle time this week we sang a song about a bumblebee to help learn each other's names, read some silly books, played musical instruments, did some dancing, celebrated a birthday and learned a few yoga moves.  

At recess we enjoyed the sunshine!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us. We are so excited to learn and grow with them this school year.

Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie