Sunday, September 16, 2018

Welcome Back to the OC - Teacher Meghan

Welcome back small friends! It was so amazing to have all of the kids back this week. They were so excited to be back at school and to play with all of their friends. They immediately jumped into the school routine like no time had elapsed.  

At the texture table we had scoops, buckets, colorful bears and windmills for the kids to use.

At the water tub we had "polka dot soup" which consists of translucent colorful circular magnets and wands. The kids had a great time catching polka dots.

At creation station the creative juices were flowing as the kids made a variety of art using pipe cleaners, glue, paper plates and tape.

Blue play dough was perfect for squishing, cutting, molding and rolling.

We had translucent duplos on the light table that were great for building amazing structures.

Our dramatic play area was bustling this week with fairies, firefighters, dads and sisters.

We had Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head at the building table this week.

Puzzles, games and alpha bots kept many of the kids engaged during free play.

On Monday the kids went on a scavenger hunt in our garden. They explored the space looking for a variety of nature themed items.

Our second activity on Monday was collaborative golf ball painting. The kids worked as a team to paint their paper using golf balls dipped in different colored paint. The kids had a blast together.

On Wednesday the kids explored the writing area and learned how to use items in the area like stampers and staplers.

On Wednesday and Friday the kids decorated Memory Boxes. Throughout the year the kids will put different treasures in this box based on the themes we explore. At the end of the year the kids will get to take home the box full of memories of their year at Small Friends.

On Friday we also had a game that worked on identifying beginning letter sounds. The kids had so much fun playing this with our parent helper. This game will be available for the kids to play in the classroom over the next few weeks.

Mabel and the kids were thrilled to be reunited this week.

During circle time we sang songs using the kids' names, learned an awesome finger play about cinnamon buns and sang a silly song about apples and bananas!

At recess we enjoyed the dry weather!

We had such a fun first week of school. Next week we will start exploring sunflowers. 
Thanks for sharing your sweet children with us,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Christine