Sunday, November 11, 2018

Apple Extravaganza in the OC - Teacher Meghan

We celebrated this beautiful fall week exploring apples. We did an apple art project, measured how tall we were with apples and played apple bingo.

 On Monday the kids added items for October to their memory boxes. They added a spider ring to their box and a pumpkin and ghost sticker to their sticker book.

Our second activity on Monday was starting a two part apple art project. The first step in the project was for the kids to glue strips of newspaper to a large apple.

On Wednesday the kids looked so stylish for picture day we had them draw self portraits. 

On Wednesday we worked on our letter identification by playing apple alphabet bingo.

On Friday the kids finished their apple art project. First they painted their apples red. Next they added a stem, leaf and A is for apple stamp.

On Friday the kids measured how many apples tall they were. The kids got a chance to count the apples and create a fun page for their portfolios.

This week we had a variety of fun fall activities scattered around the room.  

We had the apple alphabet hidden all over the room for the kids to find.

Squirrel color sorting and patterning was available.

We had a forest scene with fuzzy squirrels in the texture table.

Apple and leaves were perfect bases for fall art at creation station.

The kids had so much fun making frothy bubbles in the water tub with whisks and hand mixers.

Translucent blocks on the light table continued to be a hit.

Squishy orange play dough is always fun.

Lincoln log structures at the building table became more sophisticated this week.

And farm animals at the flannel board were very popular.

Creative and collaborative play was happening throughout the day.


Mabel loves all of the snuggles she receives throughout the week.

We celebrated a couple of November birthdays this week.

During circle time we learned some awesome new fall finger plays, read a hilarious book about rhyming dust bunnies and one of our favorites, Owl Babies. Instruments were switched up for November and the kids enjoyed rocking out with some vegetable shaped shakers.

The Fall fun continues this week with apple pie in a cup and a fun new acorn game. Remember - no school tomorrow! 
See you on Wednesday,
Meghan and Christine