Sunday, April 22, 2018

The People in Our OC Neighborhood - Teacher Lisa

From the pizzeria to the post office, community helpers were all around our classroom this week!

The area under our loft became a pizza kitchen where patrons could place orders and enjoy some tasty pies.

In the loft up above, doctors, nurses and veterinarians examined x-rays, wrapped broken bones and gave lots of shots.

There were a couple of different construction sites and we replaced Jack's beanstalk with a bucket so that crews could move supplies up and down.

At the texture table kids could shovel and rake in the community garden, harvest vegetables or dig up flowers for beautiful bouquets.

There were fruits and vegetables out for slicing.

The car wash provided some sudsy fun.

Scarlet and Ginger got lots of love every day.

The Small Friends mailbox has been added to the writing area and the mail carrier costumes were very popular!

Speaking of mail - letter writing played a major role in our parent-led activities this week. On Monday we used watercolors and lemon juice to create stationary.

Wednesday the children wrote thank you notes to the family who gave Scarlet and Ginger to us. We made lots of extra stationary so they can write letters to each other, too!

Our other table activity on Monday was following recipe cards to add the specified combination of toppings to felt pizzas. This activity was on the flannel board for the rest of the week and the children got quite creative!

For art on Wednesday the children cut out pizza slices, taped them to a background, painted them with sauce (red paint), ground Italian seasoning, sprinkled it over the top and then carried their creations to the oven (our drying racks).

Friday was Smoothie Day! Children helped measure apple juice and yogurt, then sliced strawberries and bananas. When all of the ingredients were in the blender, they took turns pushing the buttons and watching it swirl. The results were delicious!

We played an alphabet parking game, parking cars marked with lower case letters in their corresponding "capital letter parking spaces." We will be doing lots of letter recognition and sound matching in the weeks ahead!

Here are some of the other pictures taken around our classroom this week:

During our time together on the carpet, we learned to sing "Oviparous" and "On Top of Spaghetti". We practiced the yoga poses we've been learning and added "rock" to our repertoire. We also played our stick song and used our bodies as parts of the instrument!

We are excited for our chicks to hatch and take some time each day to talk about the development that is taking place inside the eggs. One more week to go!

We have begun our second round of taking Panda home and have a new list of names to check each day.

YAY FOR SUN! Recess is so much better in the beautiful weather :).

We are looking forward to another week of fun focusing on our community. The grocery store is all set up and ready for customers!

We will see you Monday,
Lisa and Sheri