Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ringing our Bells in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

Jingle bells are ringing and the room feels merry and bright! We had a great week and enjoyed kicking off the holiday season.

The kids loved making their own jingle bell bracelets. They strung bells and their choice of beads on a pipe cleaner and they've been having a great time ringing them at carpet time.

Check out the cute coffee bears hanging in the classroom! After placing glue where they wanted "fur," they sprinkled coffee grounds on, then added a bow and eyes to their bear.

The texture table was full of candy canes as well as magnet wands to pick up metal items like cookie cutters and bells.

They had so much fun at the water table gathering red, green and clear gems. They really enjoy filling the pitchers with water and gems to the very top.

It was a winter wonderland at the building table with a dollhouse and winter scene featuring Playmobil figures and items to play with.

We have been reading books about bears, doing bear yoga breaths, and learning bear songs! On Thursday, the kids played a bear game and worked on their one to one counting skills. They rolled a dice, counted the dots and put that many little bears into their cave.

At the other activity table, we invited the kids to put confetti and glitter on sticky contact paper. Now the beautiful and sparkly ornaments adorn our windows!

Speaking of ornaments, the kids filled clear ornaments at the light table with holiday craft materials, then worked on fine motor skills trying to empty them out with tweezers. 

This class loves playdough and crafting at creation station!

And they are always engaged in play around the room!

Next week, we have more festive activities planned and we can't wait to spend more time with your sweet kiddos!


Sheri and Lisa

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