Sunday, December 9, 2018

Gingerbread Boys & Girls in the OC! - Teacher Sheri

'Tis the season for gingerbread stories, wrapping gifts, and playing the dreidel game! We had all kinds of fun this week in the older class. Take a look!

In the spirit of giving, we provided craft materials and ideas so the kids could make gifts for friends and family. 

They couldn't wait to make something, find a box for it, and wrap it!

Speaking of gifts, the children got an opportunity to use the scales with weighted gift boxes at one of the activity tables. They put in a box on one side and used plastic bears on the other to try and balance the scales. 

Out in the hall, the kids played holiday hopscotch and used snowballs and bean bags to toss and then hop over.

Inside the classroom, the candy builders really captivated them. The kids were very creative and liked building with this fun set.

They visited the texture and light tables as well.

On Wednesday, we worked on a special gift the kids will be giving to their families. 

They also crafted a card to go with it  - the kids enjoyed making these and put a lot of heart into them.

We were so lucky to have a student share about Hanukkah! We learned about lighting the menorah and the dreidel game.

Then, thanks to a parent, each child got to take home their own dreidel after learning how to play the game at the activity table.

All week, we read some of the versions of The Gingerbread Man. We read the original, one that took place on the bayou, in in the city and lastly, The Gingerbread Girl who outwits that fox in the end!

Inspired by these books, the kids made their own gingerbread collage boys and girls. They turned out awesome and we can't wait to send them home with you.

The kids enjoyed playing a gingerbread shape matching game as well!

The kids stayed busy and engaged in play all week.

At carpet time we sang, read books, rang jingle bells, did Christmas Yoga, and Bear Hunt.

For Friendship Circle Friday, the kids passed around a Gingerbread stuffy and shared something they love to do over the holidays. This is such a special time - the kids are getting better at listening to each other and they are increasingly comfortable sharing with the whole group. Dare I say, they may even look forward to it! ;)

We are coming up on a short, but very full week. We look forward to decorating candy trees, playing games, and capping off  2018 together at the program on Friday!


Sheri and Lisa

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