Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pajamas and Pancakes and Stuffies, Oh My! OC - Teacher Christine

This week was full of fun! We had pajama and stuffy day, made crystals, and played all around the room.

On Monday we set the stage for beautiful crystals to grow. In groups of four, the children crumpled up paper towels, added liquid watercolor, and then with the help of a parent, poured over a mixture of salt, bluing, water, and ammonia. We then set the crystal boxes on the counter and watched them grow all week long! 

On Monday the crystals were just starting to grow...

By Wednesday, we were noticing a lot more growth!

By Friday, we were excited to see even more beautiful crystals!

We practiced number recognition with a fun "hide the heart" flannel board game. The kids had a great time hiding a tiny heart behind large numbered hearts and trying to find it!

Wednesday was pancake day! The kids had a blast mixing, stirring, stirring, and pouring to make the batter. The pancakes were delicious.

Pajama day isn't complete without a special stuffy. The kids loved making crowns, bracelets, and necklaces for their cuddly friends.

On Friday, we decorated valentine bags with pretty drawings and stamps.

The kids drew their second self portrait of the year this week. They had fun looking in the mirror, observing their features, and creating a special portrait. :)

We made love potions in our water tub.

The kids are busy making valentines at the creation station!

Our light table was covered in pretty gems, fairies, and little cups and baskets.

Here's a look at your wonderful children playing all around the room!

Having fun at the science station...

Challenging themselves with puzzles!

They love to create with blocks.

Alphabots never go out of style. :)

We had  great time at the carpet learning a new yoga sequence and dancing with our stuffies.

We read Llama Llama Red Pajama and a story about a big moose. 

We held a friendship circle on Friday.

We enjoyed a little bit of sunshine at recess this week!

Next week we will learn about Chinese New Year and celebrate Valentine's Day!

Christine and Meghan

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