Sunday, February 2, 2020

January's a Wrap! (YC) Teacher Sheri

Will the groundhog predict an early spring or another six more weeks of winter? We'll find out soon, but we sure have had fun celebrating all things winter this January! 

The kids made some awesome pine cone bird feeders on Tuesday to hang in a tree. Hopefully the birds are appreciating a little treat this week.

We worked on another decoration your family can hang and they turned out great! The kids counted beads and strung them on chenille stems - the kids really got into beading these snowflakes!

The snowflakes are hanging in the classroom window now along with these beautiful Valentine's Day inspired decorations. The children used glitter, jewels, and hearts to embellish sticky contact paper framed by a white doily.

The kids worked on matching skills, too! We cut apart the foldover mittens they made on the last school day and they had to look closely and find the matches.

Friends gathered at the water tub to work on melting an ice block and excavating little trinkets! 

At the light table, they played with little ponies and fairies.

The building table had various building blocks and manipulatives for the kids to create with.

This class is so much fun and we are seeing a lot of great social interactions and engaged play!

Next week, we are looking forward to Pajama Day and making pancakes!

See you all soon!


Sheri and Lisa

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