Sunday, February 2, 2020

Flubber, Insta-Snow and Borax Crystals in the OC- Teacher Meghan

We wrapped up our Winter theme this week with baby blue flubber on the light table, insta-snow in the texture table and making borax crystals as a table activity.

The kids made borax crystals with a parent this week. First they made a fun curly-q shape out of a pipe cleaner and then made a solution of borax and warm water. They poured this solution over their pipe cleaner and then set everything out to crystallize overnight.  The kids were so excited to see the crystals that had formed all over their pipe cleaners when they arrived to school on Wednesday.

We filled our Memory Boxes with winter items this week which included a sparkly snowflake and a shimmery winter sticker. The kids loved looking through all the treasures they have collected so far this year.

The kids are getting new name cards! On Wednesday they got a chance to see their new name cards and practice signing in. They are very excited to start this new routine when they get back to school on Monday.

We had many fun winter themed activities around the classroom to explore this week.

We had insta-snow and penguins in the water tub.

Baby blue flubber kept the kids engaged in gooey fun at the light table.

We had a winter forest theme on our flannel board and tons of new winter puzzles.

We had out a Little People school, playground and town that the kids loved playing with.

These sweet kids are so creative and we love to see all the amazing art they produce.

There is never a dull moment in the class. Here are a few pictures of your kids busy at play.

This week during circle time we sang some of our favorite winter songs and celebrated a birthday. Teacher Christine told the class a story called "The Mitten". She used props to tell the story and the kids were enthralled.

We are switching gears next week and starting to prepare for Valentine's Day. Love is in the air!
We hope everyone is feeling better and we are excited to see all your sweet kids on Monday.
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Christine

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