Sunday, February 2, 2020

Goodbye, January in the YC - Teacher Christine

We had a wonderful last week of January in the younger class. The kids sure love exploring and learning at each station during their school day. This week we played games, made bird feeders, and used our fine motor skills to create beautiful snowflake art.

On Tuesday we started off by making pine cone bird feeders! 

We learned a fun game called Snail Pace Race. The kids had a great time trying to get the snails across the board. This simple game is a great way to practice turn taking!

On Thursday we sprinkled in a little bit of Valentine fun by creating contact paper "snow globes" adorned with hearts and sparkles. 

The kids also worked hard making pipe cleaner snowflakes with pony beads. They did such a great job stringing on their beads.


It snowed in the water tub! We filled the tub with "insta snow" this week and added lots of cold weather animals. The kids loved piling up the snow and burying animals in it, too!

We had out a Little People town, school, and playground. The kids loved it!

The kids had a fantastic time playing with flubber at the light table.

We had a sweet winter scene up on our flannel board and had fun reading together in the book nook. :)

We had several winter themed jigsaw puzzles out this week and the kids had a lot of fun challenging themselves to put them together!

We celebrated two special birthdays this week!

Reading stories is so much fun, especially pop up books about cool winter animals!

The kids enjoyed a telling of the story The Mitten by Jan Brett with props.

We also had fun dancing with bean bag stuffed animals. :)

Winter doesn't stop us from having a great time outside!

Next week we welcome February! 

See you on Tuesday,
Christine and Meghan

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