Monday, February 3, 2020

Goodbye, January in the OC - Teacher Lisa

We finished our month of snow and ice this (short) week with Borax crystals, memory boxes, new name cards and a fun ABC game.

On Monday the kids mixed Borax with boiling water, poured it into a cup, suspended pipe cleaners in the mixture and then waited. When they came to school Wednesday, they all had beautiful crystals to take home!

Here's a link to this activity if you'd like to try it - it's fun and easy!

We played Polar Bear ABC's, fishing for the letters that spelled a variety of words on game cards. This was great practice recognizing those lower case letters!

Wednesday everyone put acrylic snowflakes into their memory boxes and chose their favorite January memories to write about in their sticker books.

They also practiced writing their names on their sign-in cards. This will be our sign-in procedure for the rest of the year. 

There was ice to melt in our water tub and after freeing all of the little animals and toys, it was fun to play in the cold water.

Thank you to the family that donated ribbon spools for our creation station! The low-temp glue guns were out at this table this week as well. We love to have "fresh" items for this area of the classroom, so feel free to bring us your treasures.

There were metal snowflakes, fairies, ponies and mirrors at our light table.

The carpet/loft area is always a busy place and we love to see all of the creativity happening there!

During our carpet time we sang one of our favorite penguin songs, played a mitten rhyming game, and learned a new name chant called, "Up the Ladder, Down the Ladder".

We are excited for Pajama Day, Valentine's Day and all of the fun this month has in store. Bring on February!!

We'll see you all soon - thanks for sharing your awesome kids with us :)
Lisa and Sheri

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