Sunday, February 3, 2019

PJs and Pancakes in the YC - Teacher Sheri

What a fun way to end the month of January! This week we made smoothies, did a snowman relay, and finished with Pajama Day and pancakes.

Making smoothies was our first activity of the week and the children loved to chop, measure, and mix! They cut up bananas and helped scoop yogurt and strawberries into the blender.

Then they enjoyed their smoothies, Yum!

Outside in the hallway our other parent led a snowman relay. The children gathered all the necessary items to dress a snowman and ran them down to their partner. They dressed their partner up and completed it with a carrot nose!

Inside the classroom, the water tub was a popular spot to be because it was full of cocoa cloud dough! The mixture of baby oil, flour, and hot cocoa mix is a super fun sensory concoction. The kids filled countless bowls and containers with cloud dough and mini marshmallows.

They also visited the light table where they could play with jewels, rhinestones, and snowflakes.

Other areas of interest were the building table...

...the texture table full of dinosaurs...

...the flannel board with snowmen and snowflakes...

...the playdoh table...

...and collaborative play on the carpet.

It is great to see the kids so comfortable in the room and with each other. They are pulling out new games or puzzles and figuring out what they are really drawn to.

We had a couple of nice days to really enjoy outside time as well!

We had so much fun seeing everyone in their jammies on Pajama Day.

We got right to the best part, making pancakes! The kids mixed up some pancake batter.

Then they enjoyed the delicious pancakes!

The other parent led activity was making accessories for their stuffed animals. They fashioned beaded bracelets, crowns, and more.

We are excited that February is here and look forward to more fun with your sweet kiddos!
Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa

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