Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gung Hay Fat Choy from the OC! - Teacher Sheri

In observation of Chinese New Year, the children learned the Chinese phrase Gun Hay Fat Choy, which means Happy New Year! We played instruments in a dragon parade, read Chinese New Year books, and also began preparing for Valentine's Day this week. It was a lot of fun!

At the texture table, the kids played with a smattering of Chinese take out boxes, chopsticks, bowls, and trinkets. 

The kids loved the chopsticks and bowls so much, they used them in the kitchen as well.

Snakes, critter catchers, and water beads were in the water tub and they loved gathering them all up!

Our playdough was perfect for this week - red for Valentine's Day AND a lucky color for Chinese New Year!

One of the most popular spots this week was the building table! It may feel like a blast from the past for some of you when you see the vintage Fisher Price town, school, and garage on the table. These toys are timeless because kids immerse themselves into the little world!

On Monday, the children painted white tiles and they turned out beautifully! It's always fun to see what the kids paint and their different approaches. Some knew what they wanted it to be and others just enjoyed painting.

Our other parent played the game ABC Jump! The kids try to identify the letters on the sticks and jump up when they see the word JUMP. You can play the game a variety of ways and it's a fun way to work on the alphabet. 

Another creative way of practicing the alphabet is air writing! The children got their "finger writers" ready and wrote letters in the air that spelled a word of the day. 

One of our words this week was BOOGER. Booger you say? Why yes, that's right. We have noticed quite a bit of nose picking and decided it was time we talked about how to appropriately take care of a booger situation! The book I am a Booger, Treat me With Respect, was a perfect way to talk about why we have boogers and how to get them!

On Wednesday, the kids decorated their Valentine's Day bags!

The other activity was a number hiding game and the kids always LOVE hiding games. They had to identify a number 1-20 or 11-20 to check behind each heart for a hidden felt heart.

Another activity that kids enjoy is the milk/food color/dishwashing liquid science experiment. You start with a slightly warm dish of milk, the kids add drops of food color, then they touch the milk with a cotton swab soaked in dishwashing liquid. The milk and color quickly repel away from the soap, creating moving colors and swirls. So cool!

The children worked on a collaborative project at the art table. They tore strips of crepe paper, placed them on tag board and rolled or painted glue over them, then added glitter. They look beautiful and festive!

We introduced a new yoga series for the month of February, Love Yoga. 

We also used some new instruments and had Chinese New Year dragon parades!

Last but not least, here are some pictures of your kiddos being their sweet selves.

Next week, we will enjoy our Valentine's Day party, make smoothies, try magnet paint, and more! Thank you for all you do to make Small Friends a special place for your children!

See you soon, 

Sheri and Lisa

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