Sunday, February 10, 2019

February Fun in the YC - Teacher Lisa

Well, we only got to have one day together this week, but we made the most of it! If you popped into the room on Thursday, you saw that we have added lots of red, pink and purple in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

Some of the rice in our texture table is dyed red. Our older class has been doing some Chinese New Year activities, and children from both classes enjoyed filling the bowls and takeout containers with all sorts of treats and trinkets. There were even chopsticks for anyone who wanted to try using them.

The water tub was filled with snakes, fish, nets, critter catchers and water beads. The children especially enjoyed the latter, pouring them into various containers and stuffing their hands down into the cool, slippery mass of rubbery beads.

At the play dough table, there was beautiful red play dough with glitter in it. There were also heart gems and cookie cutters for making festive treats.

At the light table we had some translucent blocks and winged ponies. The kids had fun building tall towers!

The toys on the building table were a blast from the past: vintage Fisher Price buildings, vehicles and people that the children loved playing with! Some things are timeless and these toys prove to be engaging every time we put them out.

We also did some trading with the other classroom, exchanging our rocket, pirate ship and garage/race track for some cool semi trucks and a new-to-us garage (also vintage FP).

Here are a few more photos of your kiddos during their free play time:

Our parent-led activities this week were making Valentine's Day gifts and doing some explosive science.

Children squeezed, squished and rolled out Model Magic, then used a cookie cutter to create little hearts. Once these have a chance to air-dry, they will decorate them and glue magnets on the backs.

They also mixed baking soda, candy hearts, heart gems and vinegar to make fizzy, bubbly concoctions inside heart cookie cutters. So fun!

During our story time, we danced to a song about 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, did some volcano breathing, and heard a story about the Haktaks - a couple who find a magic brass pot. See if your child can tell you what happens to the items that fall inside!

It was cold but sunny outside, a perfect combination for smiles and rosy cheeks!

We are looking forward to more Valentine's Day fun next week, including decorating our heart magnets, making bags for our valentines on Tuesday, and they exchanging them on Thursday!

We will see you all soon :)
Lisa and Sheri

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