Sunday, February 10, 2019

Gearing up for Valentine's Day in the OC!

We had a blast this week with lots of new activities in our classroom as we get ready for Valentine's Day. The children returned from the weekend to discover hearts everywhere! We also traded a few toys with the other classroom and they were thrilled to play with our new race track, a pirate ship, and a rocket ship! 

On Monday, the children painted tiles in red, pink, and purple to create a special Valentine's gift for their families.

We brought in fort builders on Monday as our second activity. The kids LOVED playing engineer and architect and following instructions to put together a really cool fort! There was a lot of collaboration that went in to creating their fort. It was such a great way to practice teamwork, communication and working through challenges to achieve a common goal.

On Wednesday, the kids jumped right in to our art activity making Valentine's Day bags to hold the special cards that we will pass out next Wednesday. 

Our second activity on Wednesday was a counting and patterning game. 

On Friday the kids created a collaborative art project with red, pink, and purple streamers. They practiced their cutting skills and created festive artwork with glue and glitter. These will be up in the classroom for all to enjoy next week!

For our final activity of the week, we created beautiful bursts of color using milk, Dawn soap and food coloring. The kids started with a dish of warm milk and added a few drops of food color to the center. Then, they dipped a cotton swab into a dish of soap and touched the swab to the food color/milk. The milk and color repelled from the soap creating swirls of color. It was so much fun.

We exchanged dinosaurs for flowers, vases, and hearts in the texture table. The kids were excited to see that we colored some of the rice pink!

In our water tub, we set out jewels, flower petals, cups, tongs, and ladles to play with.

We added heart cupcake wrappers and other Valentine's Day inspired decorations to the play dough table this week.

We had a heart explosion at creation station this week! The kids glued, cut, and decorated with hearts all week long.

We had a flannel heart hiding game in the book nook this week.

Our light table was decked out with fairies, gems, tiny cups and hearts.

We sure do love sweet Baby Mabel!

We offer puzzle time every week for the kids to enjoy.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing around the room!

Circle time was a blast this week! We read Love Monster and Love Monster and the Perfect Present.

We also read Kitten's First Full Moon and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

We played a fun game with flannel hearts. Teacher Meghan had the kids cover their eyes while she hid a tiny heart. The kids then took turns guessing where the tiny heart was hidden!

We sang and danced to a silly song called "Cupid Shuffle".

The kids loved a fun game we played called Will You Be My Valentine?

It was cold this week, but that doesn't stop your kiddos from enjoying their time outdoors!

Next week we will make smoothies, play a fun ABC game and pass out Valentines on Wednesday! Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.

See you on Monday!

Christine and Meghan

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