Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pajama Day and Pancakes in the YC! - Teacher Christine

What a fun last week of January in the YC! On Tuesday we made yummy smoothies, and on Thursday, we had a cozy day in our pajamas and made pancakes for all to enjoy. 

On Tuesday, friends in the younger class made delicious strawberry-banana smoothies!  They loved chopping bananas, counting strawberries, measuring yogurt, and pouring water into the blender.

And then the best part...enjoying our delicious smoothies together. :)

Our second activity on Tuesday was a snowman relay. Two kids raced down the hall to find buckets with a hat, mittens, a scarf, and a carrot nose. They put on their choice of snow attire and ran back to give our parent helper a high five. Many friends wanted to do this activity over and over! It was so much fun and a great way to practice putting on and taking off their own hats and mittens.

Thursday was our long awaited pajama and stuffy day! Many of the children came right over to our pancake making station and started helping to make a second breakfast feast. :)

First, we washed our hands!

Next, the children helped to scoop pancake mix, pour in water, and they each got a chance to stir the batter! They waited so patiently for our delicious pancakes to cook on the griddle. 

Pancake time! 

We had an assortment of art supplies set out at for our second activity, and the kids created crowns, necklaces, and bracelets for their special stuffed animals and for themselves! Many of the children made multiple pieces of "bling" for their treasured stuffies.

The water tub was filled with cloud dough "hot chocolate", a mix of flour, baby oil, and hot chocolate mix. We added marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles to our tub and the kids had a blast serving hot chocolate to their friends and teachers!

The kids love to squish and roll the play dough! They also love to hide gems and mini dinosaurs in the squishy dough.

We had slime at the light table this week along with tiny dinosaurs, film canisters, and scissors.

At the building table we had a little people village set up.

At creation station we added teddy bears in honor of pajama and stuffed animal week. The kids are so creative and loved decorating the bears.

The painting easel is always popular. These kids LOVE to paint!

We always have a variety of puzzles and fine motor activities out to enjoy. Sometimes the kids work on their own and other times they collaborate with friends!

We had a sweet kitten scene on our flannel board with different colored mittens to play with. We also set out the animals from the book The Mitten by Jan Brett that we read last week. The kids had a lot of fun acting out the story and stuffing the animals into the giant white mitten.

The book nook is always a cozy place to read with friends and teachers.

We read a book about vegetables wearing underwear this week at circle time. We all thought that this was a hilarious book!

Two new students have recently joined our sweet class, so we sang songs to help them learn everyone's name!

Teacher Meghan sang us a song about penguins going to tea. We all end up flapping our wings, stomping our feet, bobbing heads and turning around in a circle by the end of this silly song!

Dancing with shakers is a highlight of circle time.

We changed the words to the song "The Hokey Pokey" to "The Stuffy Pokey" in honor of our special stuffy friends.

We read the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake on pancake day!

We also sang a couple of new favorite songs - "There Was a Great Big Moose" and "The Walrus Washes His Winter Coat" this week.

We celebrated special birthdays!

We listened with friends!

The kids really enjoyed a new poem about five little snowmen.

We enjoyed the cool and sunny weather at recess.

We had such a fun week with your children. Thank you, as always, for sharing them with us!

See you all on Tuesday!


Christine and Meghan

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