Sunday, March 8, 2020

Little Pigs, Little Pigs in the YC - Teacher Lisa

We continued our fairy tale fun this week with castles, billy goats and little pigs.

There were trolls and goats in the texture table, and little pigs in the water tub.

There was a modular castle on our building table, with lots of knights, kings and queens.

On Tuesday we used brown paint to cover little pigs with mud. Kids were welcome to use their hands for this, but also had the option to use a paintbrush. These are on display in our classroom.

Just like the troll who was thrown off of the bridge, we tossed a variety of different items into a tub of water to see what would float and what sank to the bottom.

On Thursday we conducted a similar experiment, except instead of testing items in water, the children used a hair dryer disguised as a big, bad wolf to see what items were easiest to blow around.

Be sure to check out our display case - but be careful as you go trip-trapping by! It's filled with trolls that the children made on Thursday, using Model Magic and other art materials.

There were Wedge-Its out on our light table. These simple toys are fun to stack and topple!

Here are some of the other things that the kids had fun doing around the classroom.

During our story time, we've been doing a chant about piggies rolling in the mud - see if your child can teach it to you. It starts, "Five little piggies rolled in the mud...squishy, squashy, squishy, squashy felt so good..." We read The Three Billy Goats Fluff  about a goat family who helps the grumpy troll change his life for the better by getting a good night's sleep :). We also got to celebrate a birthday!

It's so nice to see our shadows outside - spring has sprung!

Between now and spring break we'll be having fun with light and shadows, rainbows, and leprechauns. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday :)

Lisa and Sheri

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