Sunday, March 15, 2020

How to Catch a Leprechaun in the OC - Teacher Lisa

How do you catch a leprechaun? The older class can tell you!

First, you make a rainbow. We made several this week. One was at our light table using Skittles. After placing them around the edge of a pie dish, we added water and watched as the colors ran together.

The other was at our art table with rainbow colored strips of paper and tape. Children used these supplies to create whatever type of paper rainbow sculptures they could imagine.

Second, you learn as much as you can about leprechaun treasures. Our water tub was filled with evidence for curious leprechaun hunters.

We also discovered how many gems it takes to sink a leprechaun's pot...more than 30!! 

Third, you add glittery gold decorations around the classroom. Salad spinners + green and gold paint + glitter accomplished this important task.

Fourth, you make sure to have snacks and games available - like Leprechaun Bingo and Lucky Charm graphing!

The fifth and final step in successful leprechaun catching is to build a trap, and boy did your kiddos build an amazing one! They used boxes, glue guns and all kinds of supplies to create a place where leprechauns can climb, play and have all kinds of fun.

Then they laid gold coins in a tempting path, hoping that when they return to school they will find evidence that leprechauns have been here! We feel very confident that they will ;).

Here are some of the other things that were happening around our classroom this week:

During our time at the carpet, we learned a poem about hunting for treasure, X Marks the Spot. See if your child can teach it to you (and write it on your back!) We also popped like popcorn and played a yoga game.

Our friends are doing a wonderful job sharing their adventures with Panda!

We will miss all of you and your wonderful kiddos during this unexpected break from school - let's hope this doesn't last too long and we see you soon.

Until then, take care 💚
Sheri and Lisa

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