Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Rainbow of Colors in the YC - Teacher Sheri

This class learned a new song called "Rainbow 'Round Me" and they made some beautiful rainbow colored prints, making it feel downright spring-like in our room this week!

The grass seed we planted really sprouted and the kids had a great time giving the "troll hair" a trim with scissors. If you continue to water it, the grass should keep growing and they can keep cutting it for weeks!

Speaking of green, one of our parent activities was "Sink the Leprechaun Pot" with green gems. The kids rolled a die and counted that number of gems into a pot floating in the water. They added them until the pot sunk to the bottom!

Meanwhile at the other activity table, the kids painted the bottom of a muffin tin in bright rainbow colors and stamped it on paper - so pretty!

On Thursday, they got lots of fine motor practice stringing Fruit Loop cereal on chenille stems. They spent so much time on this and we hope they enjoyed the treat!

They played a little St. Patrick's Day Bingo at our other parent led activity table. They loved matching the pictures to the cards and filling the whole board up.

Kids gathered at the water table to play with gems, little leprechauns, and a variety of vessels and nets.

At the building table, friends continued to build with the foam blocks.

Wedgits were also popular to play with on the light table!

Many made art at Creation Station and decorated shamrocks.

At carpet time, we talked about the colors in the rainbow and sang "Mr. Golden Sun," and read lots of good stories.

As we head into these next two weeks without school, we wish everyone health and comfort. We will miss your sweet kiddos and look forward to seeing them soon!

Sheri and Lisa

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