Sunday, March 8, 2020

Castles, Pigs, and Wolves in the OC! - Teacher Sheri

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not this class! We had fun with the fairy tale classic The Three Little Pigs and it inspired some of the activities we did this week!

In the hallway, the kids built structures using straw, sticks, and foam bricks just like the three little pigs. Then they observed if the wolf (a hairdryer) could huff, puff and blow them down. They learned how to make their block structure strong enough to stand!


They got a turn being the big bad wolf by blowing watercolor on a house to make some cool art. 

The kids loved a three little pigs logic puzzle and continued to play with it after the activity was over. It was interesting to see all their approaches to solving it.

The water tub was full of piggies and soapy water.

Another new game they learned this week was ABC Go Fish. The concept of the game was new to most kids and it was great practice in turn taking and letter identification.

We did one of our favorite projects this week and it was a two step process. The first day, the kids built a castle using foam blocks and we took a picture of it when they were done.

One the next school day, they looked at the photo and using the same foam blocks dipped in paint, they stamped a re-creation of their castle. This is a great lesson in spatial awareness as well as shape and color matching.

The kids kept busy with a castle on the building table and wedgits on the light table.

Friends continued to share their adventures with Panda and it's so fun to hear about!

We are looking forward to next week with St.Patrick's Day and maybe even a visit from the leprechauns!


Sheri and Lisa

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