Sunday, March 1, 2020

Dragons and Fairy Tales in the YC - Teacher Sheri

Our activities this week were inspired by the classic fairy tales Jack and the Beanstalk and Three Billy Goats Gruff. These stories are so fun because they stand the test of time and kids love them!

On Tuesday, each child filled a cup with soil and planted grass seeds. They are in the window now and we have our fingers crossed the grass (or, troll hair) will grow! Once it is tall enough, the kids will be able to give the grass a trim with scissors.

At the other activity table, the kids worked on their number counting and recognition of 1-10. They lined up giant, green feet in order and walked on them as they counted.

There was dirt to play with in the water tub, where the kids found bugs, scoops, and buckets.

At the building table, they played with a zoo playset with lots of animals and room for imagination.

The texture table had a castle complete with fire breathing dragons, princesses, and knights.

On Thursday, they stamped a beanstalk using a rectangle and leaf shape dipped in paint. We took pictures of them that will be added to their painting to look like they are Jack climbing the beanstalk!

The kids also enjoyed playing a castle and snail game where they worked on turn taking and color recognition.

One of the highlights this week was the kids getting to act out Three Billy Goats Gruff! They all got to pick being a goat or a troll and it was awesome! Re-telling stories is so important because it helps them understand plot, sequence of events, and characterization.

They also used rhythm sticks for a Billy Goats Gruff poem and learned how to do a Dragon Breath...ask them to show you!

Plenty of play was happening all around the room. This class is so fun!

Next week, we read more fairy tales and have fun with The Three Little Pigs!


Sheri and Lisa

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