Sunday, January 12, 2020

Winter Wonderland in the OC- Teacher Meghan

We were SO happy to have the kids back at school on Wednesday. We missed them over Winter Break! The kids arrived to a winter wonderland. There were penguins in the water tub, skiing and ice fishing on the building table and snowmen on the flannel board.

The kids met some new swimming friends on Wednesday. We got four new fish over the break and the kids were so excited to watch them explore their new home. 

Our adult-led activities all had a winter theme this week.
On Wednesday the kids made a collaborative collage with snowflake stampers, white and blue paint and lots of glitter!!

The kids also got to play a little hockey in the hallway while working on letter identification.

On Friday we had out "snow" aka shaving cream as a fun sensory experience for the kids.

The kids also made three dimensional structures with marshmallows and toothpicks. Their creativity with this project was awesome.

The kids loved exploring all the winter themed activities throughout the classroom. There were penguins in the water tub, skiing on the building table, snowmen and penguin puzzles, Artic animals with ice on the light table and snowmen on the flannel board.

The kids also discovered we had some new toys that Room B shared with us!

As always the kids love all the art experiences available in the classroom.

During circle time this week we celebrated a couple of birthdays, learned a new Artic Animal Yoga sequence, read a funny book about a lady who swallowed snow and enjoyed a funny poem about five little snowmen.

One of the most exciting things that happened this week was our trip to the library. Every Friday we will be heading upstairs for story time with the Children's Librarian. This will give the kids great practice with transitions and listening and following directions in new environments.

We are keeping our eyes on the weather as we head into the new week. Do you think there will be snow?
See you Monday,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Christine

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