Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snowy Fun in the YC - Teacher Lisa

It was SO good to welcome everyone back to school this week! The children returned to find traces of snow all around the classroom. 

The conditioner/baking soda mixture in the tub was great for squeezing and molding.

Polar bears played on blocks of ice in the texture tub and children used the shapes at the light table to make snowmen.

We made snowflake stamp collages to hang in the hallway.

We played a game using pairs of large and small snowflakes that the children sorted and matched.

We played in shaving cream, burying different toys and animals in the "snow".


Some of the other activities around the room included a marble run on the building table and some new trucks to play with!

We hopped in our wooden boat and caught fish with different shapes and letters on them.

Here are a few of the other things friends had fun doing during our play time:

At carpet time we sang a song about melting snowmen and read stories about animals who live in snowy places.

We sang a song about a walrus who washes his winter coat and learned a new silly scarf song.

It was chilly on the playground...maybe chilly enough to snow?? We'll see soon enough :).

In the meantime, it's GREAT to be back and we're excited about more wintry fun in the weeks ahead.

Lisa and Sheri

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