Monday, January 13, 2020

Welcome to Winter in the YC!

It was simply wonderful to see your sweet children after the long winter break. We sure missed them! They really enjoyed all of the winter themed fun we have set up around the room - from penguins in the water tub to skiers on the building table, we are ready to celebrate the wonders of winter!

We kicked off the week with a snowflake themed art project. The children worked hard to make beautiful snowflake stamps in blue and white. After they finished stamping, they had a blast shaking glitter all over the paint to make everything sparkle!

At our science table on Tuesday, we played a snowflake matching game. Using a magnifying glass, the children matched small block pictures of snowflakes to the larger cards. What a great way to use their detective skills to find matching shapes!

On Thursday we got messy! We brought out trays of shaving cream and the kids had SO much fun bulldozing trucks through the "snow" and creating winter scenes with different cold weather animals. 

We continued the fun in the hall with shape hockey. The children got to flex their muscles and work on shape recognition as they sent paper plate hockey pucks sailing into the net. It was a great way to get their wiggles out!

We had penguins and and bubbles in the water tub this week.

The kids love to push cars and trucks around the texture table. We will often find several of the big trucks from the play area in the texture table at the end of the day. :)

The kids found trays with gems, epsom salts, sparkly "snow" and cold weather animals at the light table this week.

These kids have so much fun with play dough!

At the building table we had ski builders and a bunny slope full of sparkly snow to enjoy!

Here is a look at your busy little bees playing around the room. We are noticing lots of imaginative and collaborative play happening!

At circle time this week, we read some of our favorite winter books - The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow was a hilarious story and the kids enjoyed the flannel story board to go with it. 

We also read Polar Bear ScareTen on a Sled and a fun book called Five Penguins on the Ice.

We celebrated birthdays and learned a new winter yoga sequence.

We had fun matching different colored mittens for a sweet kitten and learned a silly songs about a walrus who washes his winter coat and a penguin who come to tea. :)

It was cold, but we had a great time at recess this week! 

We have really enjoyed having your wonderful children back for January!

Christine and Meghan

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