Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snow in the OC! Teacher Sheri

From polar bears in the texture table to "snow" in the water tub, friends returned from break to discover WINTER has arrived at Small Friends! It was so much fun to see everyone back at school.

We combined baking soda and hair conditioner to make our own kind of indoor snow! The kids enjoyed packing it and burying things in it.

They had another opportunity to play with pretend snow when we armed them with shaving cream! They loved this sensory experience.

Snowflake stamping was a collaborative effort and the end result are two collages filled with glittery white snowflakes.

At one of our activity tables this week, the children built structures and shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows. It was fascinating to watch their different approaches and to see what they came up with. You can check out their marshmallow designs in our display case!

Another activity they participated in was letter and shape fishing! We brought out the boat and the kids used poles with magnets to catch fish and identify the letter and shape on it. This was a fun way to practice the alphabet!

Our little builders spent time creating and building marble runs!


At carpet time, we shared our favorite thing about the snow at Friendship Circle!

One of the most exciting things that happened this week was our trip to the library. Every Friday, we will be heading upstairs for a story time with the Children's Librarian. This will give the kids great practice with transitions, following directions, and maintaining good behavior in new environments. 

They did awesome and heard some good stories. Ask your child what they liked about our new library time!

As we head into next week (with a possibility of real snow!) we look forward to more winter activities like letter hockey and "clean snow." Until then, take care!


Sheri and Lisa

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