Sunday, November 4, 2018

Happy Halloween in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

What a great way to bring the month of October to a close. We loved experiencing this fun holiday with your kids and seeing everyone in their costumes!

When the kids arrived on Tuesday, they jumped right into doing things around the room. We put out some of their favorite games such as the wooden marble gumball machines and Let's Go Fishing.

They had fun trying to toss beanbags into our Ghost cornhole!

Out in the hallway, they did some Halloween bowling. Each child had their own approach to rolling the ball accurately and with enough force. Some chose to stand and others sat down to get a better roll. So much fun!

But the highlight of our day was making magic brew! We gathered around the cauldron and the kids were so excited to come up one by one and pour their serving of juice in.

Then we added the magic ingredient (dry ice) and enjoyed the bubbling sound and the fog swirling around our brew. It was tasty, too!

On Thursday, their art project was super engaging and they wanted to do it over and over! We placed a paper plate into a salad spinner and the kids got to generously squirt paint onto it before cranking the handle to make it spin. After the paint was all swirled around, they added features to their Jack 'o Lanterns and they look great!

Our other parent activity was facilitating a What's Missing game. They took turns taking something off the tray without their partner seeing and guessing what was missing! This game not only works their memory muscles, it requires them to really pay attention to and identify what items are on the tray.

Two of the most popular places to be all week were the building table filled with Legos and the water tub, which had kinetic sand.

They spent time playing games and at the writing table.

The texture table had some fun squirrels and pieces of wood to play with.

They made cupcakes, ice cream, and pizza at the playdough table. ;)

We see the children playing well with one another in a variety of activities and it is wonderful to see them trying different things.

At carpet time, we enjoyed stories, songs, and some "ghost" dancing.

We say a fond farewell to Halloween and are excited to welcome new things to the classroom, like apples, owls, leaves, and Fall goodness! 

Looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful children soon!

Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa

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