Sunday, November 4, 2018

Happy Halloween in the YC - Teacher Meghan

We LOVED celebrating Halloween with all of your superheroes, unicorns and fire fighters! 

On Tuesday we had a variety of Halloween themed games and activities available for the kids to play including Halloween sorting, pumpkin counting and "Go Away Monster".

We also had Halloween bowling and a ghost bean bag game that the kids loved to play during the morning.

In our water tub this week we had apples, pie pans, egg beaters, whisks and flour sifters for the kids to make delicious "cakes" and "pies".

At our texture table we had a farm scene available for the kids to play with.

On our light table we had red, yellow and green translucent shape builders which were perfect for building forts, towers and houses.

On our flannel board we had a farm scene that the kids loved to set up and take apart.

The kids loved making creations in awesome orange play dough this week.

The kids had so much fun making and creating at creation station this week.

We had Lincoln logs available for the kids to build with at our building table this week.

The kids read books, painted, played and explored throughout the week.

On Thursday the kids played a fun game called "What's Missing?" The kids took turns taking a Halloween themed object off the tray without their partner seeing and would then have their partner guess what was missing.  This game not only worked memory muscles, it requires the kids to really pay attention to and identify what items are on the tray.

Our second parent led activity on Thursday was making salad spinner jack-o-lanterns. First the kids squirted orange and yellow paint onto a round plate in the salad spinner. The kids would then spin the salad spinner which created awesome designs in the paint. Finally, the kids glued on facial features to their pumpkins.

On Tuesday we celebrated Halloween by making a witch's brew together. Each child got a turn to pour some juice into our cauldron while we said a spooky chant. After each child had a turn we added the magic ingredient (dry ice) and watched as the pot began to bubble and smoke. We got to enjoy this tasty concoction at snack time together.

At circle time this week we read some more Halloween themed stories, sang the bean bag song and played the "What's Missing Game" as a class.

We had an awesome week with your little ones. Next week we start exploring apples, leaves, squirrels and nuts.

See you Tuesday,
Meghan and Christine

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