Sunday, November 4, 2018

Happy Halloween in the OC! - Teacher Christine

We had a very Happy Halloween week in the OC! We had a blast with the kids making spooky pizzas, playing games, enjoying dress up day, and making witch's brew together!

Many kids wore their Halloween costumes this week and it was so much fun to see all of our friends in costumes that we have been talking about for the last two weeks.

At our texture table we added a farm scene.

We added foam apples, pie tins, and whisks to the water table this week and had fun making pretend apple pie and whisking up bubbles in the water.

We changed our paint colors to yellow, orange, and red this week.

The kids also love our unicorn magnet board.

We added translucent light builders to the light table and they kids had a blast building with different shapes and then knocking them down. :)

At the building table, we had a variety of Lincoln Logs to create with.

We had fun with black and green play dough on Monday and then switched to orange on Wednesday. The kids love to roll, cut, and create with this squishy dough.

Creation station is a busy place. The kids are so busy gluing, cutting, and coloring their creations.

We had a fun scene from the book Big Pumpkin on the flannel board this week. We also had a farm scene to play with.

On Monday the kids got to make jack-o-lantern pizzas! They got to choose from a variety of toppings and create a funny face and a delicious pizza to enjoy.

We had a great time using our sorting and fine motor skills to sort jack-o-lanterns, eyeballs, candy, witches hats, and owl erasers on a graph. Then the kids counted to see how many were in each category and noticed which category had more or less.

We also had a variety of counting and sorting activities out for the kids to enjoy! They had fun counting bugs to place on leaves and playing "Go Away Monster".

On Monday the kids created spooky night pictures using branches, a moon, and googly eyes. These are displayed in the classroom. They are all so unique and beautiful. Come on in and take a look anytime. 

On Halloween we played corn hole and pumpkin bowling. The kids had a great time bowling and there were many strikes! They also had a blast tossing bean bag stuffies into the ghost shaped corn hole.

This group of kids is so busy right now with collaborative games and their imagination is out of this world!

Circle time was big on Halloween fun this week. We sang and danced and had fun with Halloween Yoga.  We read Big Pumpkin and Click Clack Boo. We made our famous witch's brew during circle time on Wednesday. Each child poured a juice box into the cauldron and then we added dry ice to make it extra spooky and fun. We all enjoyed this tasty brew at snack time.

We had one sunny day and one day of rain this week. The rain does not seem to keep these kids from enjoying every minute of our time outside.

Next week we dive in to all things fall with a celebration of the apple harvest. We will be tasting apples, making apple art, adding to our memory boxes, and recognizing all of the beautiful signs of fall all around us. School picture day is on Wednesday. As always, we love working with your amazing kids. See you tomorrow!

Christine and Meghan

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